Unless you're traveling for an extended length of time, it's clear that these days, you'll likely carry-on your gear. And while packing a smaller bag comes with some challenges, don't let that keep you from looking sharp. The key is finding the right bag for your needs and $185, by
The Shrine
California-based luggage brand The Shine has just released the perfect weekender for guys who will easily wear the same pair of jeans for five days but want to swap out their kicks. Dubbed the sneaker duffel, it's specially designed with two dedicated shoe compartments—each large enough for a pair of boots or, of course, some limited edition high tops. The expandable shoe pockets are also water-resistant and outfitted with air-flow grommets that allow footwear to air out while you travel. The bag's main chamber can hold three to four days worth of clothes and its lid flap has been optimized with pockets for your chargers and other essentials. Plus, a zippered pocket in the rear will fit a tablet or 13-inch laptop. So go, hit the road. You no longer have to worry about fitting those beloved kicks into your bag.