We are now in the busiest travel time of the year. Whether it's last minute business before you take off for the holidays, going home to see the family or a New Year's getaway with your significant other, we've got all the info you need for a stylish and stress-free trip. Starting with a travel look that's put together, but decidedly relaxed because, let's face it, the era of dressing well for air travel is behind us. The best we can hope for now is that people wait until they're on the plane to start wearing those collar pillows around their necks.


What to Wear
on the Plane

Start with a comfortable cotton shirt that breathes well and won't look bad wrinkled. Over that, layer a sweater you can easily remove and ball up into a pillow if necessary. Finish the look with a pair of washed denim (or dark trousers if traveling for work) and some versatile white sneakers. Before you board, fold up your jacket or coat and pack it in your carry-on so you don't have to deal with stowing it once you're onboard.

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What to Pack


Stick to one color story for a trip and be amazed at how easy it is to mix and match multiple pieces. Not a master folder? No problem. Simply roll your pants and cotton shirts. Stuff rolled socks and ties into shoes and use your rolled undershirts and underwear to fill in all the little empty spaces in your suitcase. Finish by packing your folded jacket, coat or suit on top.


Leave Distractions Behind

Noise-canceling headphones top every traveler's wish list. This set by Solitude is one of the best-reviewed and most affordable on the market. $99.95 at ProTravelGear

Things That Should Never Go In Checked Luggage ...

Valuables, irreplaceable vintage pieces, chargers and cords or the suit you need when you get off the plane—whether that's a business suit or a bathing suit.