At Valet., we cover fashion for regular guys, so we focus on more mainstream brands. But there are smaller labels on the menswear radar that we think you should be aware of ... So we've created this feature to help you diversify and de-homogenize your wardrobe.



We won't insult your sartorial intelligence by detailing the move towards more comfortable and athletic fashion in menswear circles over the last 18 months. We will, however; introduce you to one brand that's capitalized on this trend and made some of the best looking, most comfortable streetwear around. An infant in fashion-years, Unyforme has been preaching the minimalist and easy-wearing ethos since 2012. And with most pieces registering at an undeniably affordable price point, you can get your cozy-boy fix without running up your credit cards.

Some sketches of a few spring '15 pieces
that will soon be released.

Simplicity and fit are paramount to each collection. Their most recent line blends streetwear into athletic-inspired looks with modern cuts that mix-and-match easily. Casual off-duty staples like military influenced outerwear can easily be styled with basics like a side-slitted T-shirt or an elongated plaid button down shirt. And with all of that extra cash you're saving, you can afford their slim fitting Carter pants. Made from a lightweight cotton twill and featuring a cuffed bottom, they are an essential piece for the forthcoming weather transition.


Sueded caviar
, $120 / $39.97

Gunner jacket,

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Garments are made with the mindset that less is more when it comes to design as well as price.