At Valet., we cover fashion for regular guys, so we focus on more mainstream brands. But there are smaller labels on the menswear radar that we think you should be aware of ... So we've created this feature to help you diversify and de-homogenize your wardrobe.

Quilted down vest, $89 / $79.99


L.L. Bean Signature

While L.L. Bean has been an established commodity for over a century, it's their lesser-known sub-label that has made waves over the last five years amongst menswear enthusiasts. The L.L. Bean Signature line was introduced in early 2010 at the crest of Americana and heritage-wear's popularity. Conscious of what Bean meant to its established constituents, Alex Carleton—the creative mind behind Signature's first three years—didn't stray far from the brand's aesthetic, opting instead to focus on modern fits and innovative interpretations of classic Bean design.

It's this unique juxtaposition of heritage branding and contemporary design that makes us such big fans of Signature. Whether it's the ruggedly masculine outerwear or the ultra-cozy fleece hoodie, each piece in the line makes a subtle statement and looks as good on a camping trip in the woods as it does on a casual Friday in the city. Signature has successfully captured the simplicity and durability that its parent brand has defined since 1912 while reeling in the elusive 25-35 year old demographic with fresh pieces that while rooted in the past, are decidedly of-the-moment. To top it all off, as many brands in recent years have capitalized on the affluent consumer's penchant for spending more money on clothes, the Signature brand has stayed true to their character—only increasing prices slightly to make up for extra design and production costs. And if history is any indication, this is one brand that should be around for a while.

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Inspired by the enduring spirit of New England and drawing from the brand's heritage to create authentic classics.