Summer Survival Guide

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The Wedding Grooming Primer


Like it or not, we've officially entered "summer wedding" season. But we've also entered "corporate retreat" and "class reunion" and "vacation with my significant other" season too. Which means, there are a slew of occasions where you'll likely need to get dressed up. And while most guys take the time to make sure they look sharp when putting on a suit and knotting up a tie, they don't always put the same effort into their grooming. Here's your game plan.




Degree Adrenaline Series, $5

Whether you're outside or not, chances are, you're going to be in a crowd by people and maybe even dancing, so keeping your pits dry can be an issue. The night before, apply an antiperspirant before you go to bed. The sweat ducts absorb the active ingredients so they won't wash off in the morning and the aluminum salts responsible for those yellow stains won't accumulate on shirts. Then simply apply your usual deodorant before you go.



Murad, $28; Boscia, $10

There's going to be a lot of pictures. Make sure you're not reflecting the glare of the sun or the flash with a shiny face. De-sheen your mug with a moisturizer that's engineered to sop up grease and oil, leaving you looking cool and smooth. Also, oil-absorbing sheets like Boscia's blotting linens fit neatly in a suit jacket and work wonders at reducing shine.



Start off by getting your hair trimmed about a week before the big event. This gives you a few days for the hair to settle into the shape of the cut. For a more natural style, minimal product is key. Take a pinkie's worth, rub it in your hands until it's basically gone and then start at the base. Comb it all the way through with your fingers, then go back and style it. And remember to clean up the back of your neck with a razor.


You'll be shaking a lot of hands, so make sure they've been cleaned up. And if you're the one getting married, consider getting a manicure (you know, for those ring photos). Otherwise, just make sure your nails are trimmed and you've smoothed the corners with a file. Finish by moisturizing your hands and nail beds.


The Beard


Prospector Co., $28

Just because you're putting on a suit and tie doesn't mean that you have to be clean-shaven. But you should make sure that your facial hair is neat and kempt. A few day's worth of scruff is perfectly acceptable as long as it doesn't grow in patchy. And make sure your beard is trimmed, free of stray and unruly hairs, combed and conditioned with oil.



Odin, $165

A formal occasion, especially one at night, calls for a more substantial cologne. Take a break from the lighter, more citrusy summer scents for a warmer fragrance with a bit more depth. Odin's 09 Posala, for example, is richly floral with a tobacco and bourbon finish. That's sure to last you until the last song.

Biased Advice

Leave the bulky wallet at home and slip some cash, your ID and a credit card in your pocket. And maybe a lighter, in case someone attractive needs a light.