The Modern Way to Combat Going Grey

True Sons at-home hair dye kit for men test drive

The Modern Way to Combat Going Grey

I tried the Warby Parker of hair dye and I’m so glad that I did

A few grey hairs? Fine. No problem. A few off-hand comments, like "Oh, wow ... I never realized how grey you've gotten on the sides"? Fuck that. As long as I'm still comfortable drinking after midnight, it's my own personal belief that I shouldn't have to worry about aging. And too many grey hairs can really up your stress levels. So when I heard that there was a new direct-to-consumer solution for going grey, I decided that I was up for trying it. Hey, anything in the name of journalistic research, right?

True Sons is the first premium, at-home hair dye for men. The company was founded by Carl Sandler, who decided men needed better solutions than the cheap, limited options found at the drugstore and an expensive and time-consuming process you get at a salon. According to Sandler, the problem with most at-home kits is that they're inexpensively produced and involve a process of mixing chemicals, enduring nauseating smells and ending up with an unrealistic "shoe polish sheen."


Sandler wanted to streamline the process—everything from finding the right color to the actual dyeing process itself. So after three years, hundreds of experiments and one cleverly designed website, True Sons launched this summer. Like Dollar Shave Club or MeUndies, you can order up their dye kits as quarterly or monthly subscription packages. As for the dye itself, it comes in six natural shades, from blonde to black, and comes in the form of an oxidizing hair foam which doesn't require a developer (the messy chemical you normally have to mix with other products).

On my test drive of the medium brown shade, I read through the simple instructions on my kit and took their advice and smeared some Vaseline around my hairline to prevent any dye from staining my skin. I then pumped a few golf ball sized dollops of shaving cream-like foam into my hands and spread it through my hair. You control the depth of the dye by how long you leave it on, so for my first try I went with the minimum—15 minutes. There was no mess, no drips and no nasty chemical smell. After my timer went off, I hopped in the shower and rinsed off the dye.

After towel-drying and styling my newly dyed hair, I leaned into the mirror. The color was really good. Natural, varied hues of browns and much of my grey hair was gone. But some remained. And I was actually relieved. This looked even more natural. I wasn't erasing all the grey, I was simply turning back the clock a bit. All in all, the whole process took less time than a Postmates delivery. Of course, next month, I might leave it on a bit longer and see how many years I can shave off.

From $29.99 per kit at True Sons

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