There's a certain swagger that comes with great hair—and you know it when you see it. That leading-man-quality coif with its volume, shine and gravity-defying texture. For those of us who simply towel-dry our hair after a shower and run any old product through it, those kind of next-level results can seem out of reach. But it's amazing what a simple product change can do for your hair. For instance, if you want hair that's full and textured with a hold that doesn't look shellacked, you should switch to clay. A favorite of celebrity groomers and barbers, it's become the go-to because it works for almost any need you have: it works with casual, undone looks, it neutralizes oily scalps and makes thin hair look thicker because of the matte finish. As for which jar works best for you, we dipped into a wide range to find the best ones that work for any hairstyle or budget.