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Affordable pantry staples from Brandless
Affordable pantry staples from Brandless

Last summer—one year ago to the day, in fact—we introduced you to a smart, logo-less food and pantry-stuffing company, Brandless. Since then, the company received $35 million in additional funding and opened a temporary pop-up store in Los Angeles this past May to showcase their product line IRL.

So, why are we telling you this? Well, if you were skeptical that a company could deliver consistent quality, always at $3 a pop, we're here to tell you that investors and shoppers alike have put their faith behind the San Francisco-based brand. And if you haven't splurged yet on a (gasp) three-dollar purchase, maybe it's time.

For the picky, choosy and dietary opposed, you're covered for prices that beat your local natural grocer. Brandless provides organic, kosher and gluten-free food, so if you need a snack for your office or standard commute, they've got what you're looking for.

But, what we love the most here at Valet. is how Brandless has grown leaps and bounds in the household and office department with functional and aesthetically pleasing staple items that make life easier. Whether you're trapped in your cubicle and need to unplug for a few minutes or want to outfit your kitchen simply but with satisfying accessories and snacks, it's worth giving these products a chance. We've rounded up our current 13 favorites. Get all of these and you've just crossed the $39 threshold for free shipping.


Brandless Hardcover Bound Journal

The best ideas come to you in your sleep at 3 am. Toss one of these on your nightstand.

Hardcover Bound Journal


Brandless Coasters

A quirky addition to your bar cart and an easy save for your coffee table.



Brandless Men's Multivitamin

We've talked about the benefits of vitamins before. This is an affordable way to boost your intake.

Men's Multivitamin


Brandless Organic Cotton Dish Towels

These don't make it in the laundry as often as they should. Get some stylish replacements to throw into rotation.

Organic Cotton Dish Towels


Brandless Mini Colored Pencils

Adults who color are less stressed. Tuck this inconspicuous pack way in your desk or at home.

Mini Colored Pencils


The company reports that no-frills packaging saves consumers up to 40% by eliminating the costs of marketing, branding and advertising a national brand.

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