The Shower Beer Is Great.
Here's Why

An ode to the drinking rite (and the huge community that's grown up around it).

A few recent posts from the official Shower Beer subreddit.

Its origins are somewhat fuzzy. Which, perhaps, is somewhat fitting for an alcoholic activity. No one knows for sure who was the first to bring a beer into the shower, but it's safe to say that the idea has been around for some time. It was certainly around long before the term "shower beer" was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004 as an alcoholic beverage one consumes while cleansing himself/herself. But if you haven't yet experienced the simple pleasure of drinking under the gentle spray of your shower head, you might want to start. Do it now. Back away from the computer or put down your phone, grab an icy cold can and disrobe. Really. We'll wait.

To be honest, I was mildly familiar with the shower beer as a concept, but didn’t know how wide spread it’d become. I consider myself a gentleman. One who appreciates the finer things in life like a good Scotch and a well-made bed. But then I tried it on a particularly hellish summer day. And that’s when I came to understand the appeal. Because, there's nothing quite like it. It's a primal pleasure. Perhaps it's the nudity or the fact that you're alone in a safe, familiar space. But everything's improved. The beer tastes better. Your mood is lifted and the cold brew takes refreshment to a whole other level. A shower after a hard day is already cathartic—washing away all the stress and bullshit. Plus, there is the physical yin and yang of drinking down a cold beverage amidst the rush of warm water .

While it may've be born out of efficiency—a lifehack for those looking to pregame while getting ready for a night out—there's no need to rush your shower beer. Savor it. Relish the freedom. Enjoy that devil-may-care feeling that comes with breaking an unspoken rule. Because it feels damn good. Which is why so many people want to share this unique drinking rite on social media. But be careful. Taking a wet and slightly buzzed photo of yourself while naked is definitely one of the most complicated selfies you can take. But you'll need to do it if want to post on Reddit's popular r/showerbeer subreddit, home to more than 34,000 enthusiasts. And Instagram currently boasts over 27,500 photos with the hashtag #showerbeer. Of course, it doesn't have to be a public performance. Unlike other slightly silly beer-drinking rituals (say, shotgunning), you can simply do this one by yourself, quietly breaking away from the grind of the day with each sip.

Some Expert Tips

Aluminum cans are safer and tend to stay colder than bottles

Go for lighter, summer beers. In a steamy shower, a stout just won't do. Instead, try a saison, a pale ale or simple lager.

Save water and prevent accidents by only have one beer per shower.