You Need a Good Bottle of Olive Oil

You Need a Good Bottle of Olive Oil

A small kitchen upgrade that takes your eating to the next level

Best quality olive oil

If you’ve been cooking for yourself more these days, you should reward yourself for the effort. And what better splurge than a bottle of good olive oil? A true catchall ingredient, there's a reason why it's been consumed for as long as civilization has been using ingredients to elevate food. You can slather it on a roast chicken, drizzle it on pasta, mix it into salads, swap it in for butter when baking, use it to sauté vegetables or simply dunk your bread in it.

Then there are the health benefits. Chockfull of cancer-fighting antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory compounds, many believe that the health and longevity of Mediterraneans is due in large part to their olive oil-heavy diet. If you didn't know, many just shoot it straight.

What's more, a quality extra virgin olive oil will last you quite a while since a little goes a long way. So, which bottle is best? Culinary experts will tell you that choosing an oil is a matter of personal preference and finding your favorite is all about experimenting. We can't argue with that logic, but to help you get started, we've pulled together some of the best bottles according to chefs, food writers and shop owners.


The Best
Quality Olive Oils

The Finishing Oil

If you're looking for an oil to drizzle over your food for added flavor, this is it thanks to the smooth, mild flavor. It's a single-origin Sicilian oil made with Nocellara del Belice olives. The name means walnut in Italian, a nod to its naturally nutty flavor.

$23.95 by Olio Verde

The Flavored Find

Yuzu is a citrus fruit popular in Japan, that could be described as a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin orange. The skins of Valencian grown yuzu are pressed with O-Med's Spanish arbequina olives, resulting in a uniquely fragrant oil with a bright flavor that doesn't overwhelm the buttery taste of the arbequina oil.

$27.95 by O-Med

The Multi-Use Oil

This handsome bottle is full of herbaceous, peppery flavor that's great for both cooking and drizzling on finished dishes. Made from a blend of California-grown olives, they're hand-picked young, yielding a greener oil, longer shelf life, and higher concentration of polyphenols.

$34 by Wonder Valley

The Unfiltered Set

This duo of olive oils is the “choose your own adventure” of home cooking. The “robust” oil, made from Greek Koroneiki olives, is full-bodied, nutty and spicy. The more delicate “mild” oil is made from Manaki olives grown in the eastern edge of Greece and has a light, fruity flavor.

$40 (for two bottles) by Kolossos

The Cooking Oil

This no-fuss oil has a pure flavor profile that can be described as mild and slightly fruity. This “everyday” style is made to complement any type of cooked dish, but it's also one of the cleanest olive oils on the market. It comes from Chile, where purity standards far exceed those set by the International Olive Oil Council.

$15.99 by O-Live & Co.

The Grocery Store Find

Good olive oil doesn't have to come at a high price. And this affordable bottle proves it. Unlike most grocery store brands, it lists a harvest date on the bottle to speak to the freshness of the oil. It boasts a bright and slightly fruity flavor, with a lightly peppery aftertaste.

$9.49 by Bertolli

Chef Jose Andres Olive Oil Mayo Recipe

A Worthy Project

Olive Oil Mayo

Chef José Andrés shared his recipe for “Alioli a la Moderna,” a Spanish take on mayo that’s great on sandwiches, fish, french fries or just dipping veggies into.


  • 1 ¼ cups olive oil
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp. water
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice or vinegar
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • ½ tsp salt

Make It

In a blender, combine ½ cup of the olive oil with the rest of the ingredients and pulse until smooth. Then, with the motor running, add in remaining oil in a slow stream until your mayo is creamy and thick. Add in a touch more water if you'd like it a bit thinner.

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