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Hunters on Amazon Prime

Hunters is a new series that starts streaming on Amazon Prime today. The anticipated show, produced by Jordan Peele, is about renegade Nazi hunters in the 1970s. And while it's loosely inspired by actual events, it has more in common with comic books and old school action flicks of the time.

In his first starring role in a TV series, Al Pacino plays Meyer Offerman, a mysterious concentration-camp survivor, his secret fraternity of Nazi-hunting vigilantes, exacting revenge on those conspiring to bring about a new Reich. It's a pulpy, fantastical story, but much of it is grounded in historical fact. There's a stylized throwback feel, and while at its core, the show is intensely serious, the well-deployed humor and comic book-ish violence keep it light enough to enjoy.

Your Pairing:

As you binge this at home, whip up a cocktail from the same era as the show. The Amaretto Sour is usually characterized by a cloyingly sweet profile that eventually went out of fashion. But Portland bartender Jeffrey Morganthaler's version—offered up by Punch—balances the sweetness with cask-proof bourbon. The strong shot of whiskey rounds out the amaretto, a liqueur made from almonds and apricot pits, and allows it to shine without overpowering your palate.

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