Weekend Pairing

“The Gentlemen”
+ Some Bourbon

Matthew McConaughey in The Gentlemen movie

Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen hits theaters today with all you've come to expect from a classic Guy Ritchie film. That means plenty of style and sharp-witted banter, along with enough action and aggression to match. Call me old fashioned, but somehow the violence is less offensive when everyone's well dressed.

The star-studded cast is headlined by Matthew McConaughey, who plays an American expat who's been doing well in London's booming marijuana trade, but is ready to cash out. Suffice it to say that just leads to a lot of issues with everyone from his right-hand man to a handful of dangerous business rivals. You may need a flowchart to keep it all straight, but if you just sit back and take it all in, you'll no doubt have a good time.

Your Pairing:

What's more gentlemanly than sitting down with two fingers of whiskey? You'll notice the gents in the film swigging the stuff and if I had to choose a good one to sip (maybe from a flask snuck into the theater), it'd be this bottle that, in my opinion, doesn't get enough love. Distilled by Heaven Hill, Elijah Craig Small Batch is one of the smoothest bourbons out there. It's got a pronounced caramel flavor balanced with extra maltiness and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. If you want to get really classy, store it in a mid-century style decanter.

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