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“The Boys”
+ a Rusty Nail Cocktail

The Boys The Boys

Did you catch the first season of Amazon's darkly comic superhero mash-up, The Boys? Some compared it to Deadpool: irreverent, slightly obnoxious and very violent. But according to The Verge, it showed real heart. Now, it's back for a long-awaited second season. Apparently, it's just as vulgar but maybe a bit messier.

Vulture says many heads explode this season. “Some are figurative, like when a character's surprising backstory is revealed, or a particularly surprising twist arrives.” Others are literal, for a show that doesn't shy away from gore. In other words, this world of The Boys, in which superheroes are test-marketed like a new breakfast cereal and authoritarian law and order comes in form-fitting spandex and capes, makes for a hard-to-look-away escape from our current unsettling reality.

Your Pairing:

I felt like I might need a drink with an extra kick—a secret super power, if you will. The Rusty Nail seems to fit the bill. It's a fairly straightforward yet strong cocktail: a combination of Drambuie (the most distinguished of Scotch-based liqueurs) and the whisky it's made from. There's something swanky about this cocktail and there's a honey sweetness from the Drambuie elixir that softens the bite of the whisky. Old school recipes call for a 50/50 mix but this modern version from Liquor.com is far drier, suggesting four parts whisky to one part liqueur.

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