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“The Eddy”
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Andre Holland in The Eddy series from Netflix Andre Holland in The Eddy series from Netflix

If you take a chance on just one streaming show this week, make it Netflix's The Eddy. This show comes from La La Land director Damian Chazelle, and it's set in a Paris jazz club, run by an African American expat who had to leave New York for some unknown reason. It's called the Eddy.

IndieWire says the thoroughly binge-able show isn't a musical, but tells a compelling narrative through music. It stars Moonlight's André Holland as Elliot Udo, a brilliant pianist who doesn't play anymore (you'll soon learn why) but still composes. The limited series kicks off when his estranged daughter Julie (played by Amandla Stenberg) arrives in France and further complicates her father's life. Of course, while you might instinctively think this has to be set in the '50s, the stylish show takes place in the present day. Just the thought of stepping into a bar to enjoy live music is enough of an escapist fantasy these days, right?

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Ever heard of a Southside? I hadn't before ... but apparently, it was a popular American Jazz Age cocktail. A favorite of Al Capone and similar to a Gin Rickey, the Southside is a tangy mix of gin, lime and mint leaves. According to cocktail historians, Prohibition gin was less pure, so sweeter ingredients had to be added to make it palatable. Inspired Taste has the recipe and shares that it was invented in New York City at the 21 Club. After all these years, it still feels fresh.

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