The Best Multi-Tools for Every Situation

The best multi-tools for everyday carry

The Best
Multi-Tools for Every Situation

From serious blades and pliers to minimalist clips (and everything in between)

Summertime is a season of adventure. If ever there was a time to reconsider your everyday carry, it's now. Think about it ... the weather is warm and the days are longer. You're outside more often and there are all sorts of situations that you'll get into during the next few months that you'll be able to improvise your way out of with the help of a trusty multi-tool. Whether you're saving a pair of sunglasses on vacation, making a quick repair to your bike mid-ride or simply opening a few bottles at an outdoor concert, there are some handsomely designed implements to help. The market seems to be flooded these days with all sorts of multi-tool models, so we edited down our list to those well-executed and well-reviewed models that have proven to be as essential as they are durable. Now you've just got to decide which one's right for you.


The Best Multi-Tools

Leatherman Free P2 Multipurpose Pliers

Free P2 multipurpose pliers,
$120 by Leatherman

Tactica Talon Multi-Tool Keychain

Talon multi-tool keychain,
$39 by Tactica

Leatherman Skeletool CX

The slimmest, lightest and easiest to carry with practical one-handed opening.

Skeletool CX,
$79.11 by Leatherman

Skeletool CX,
$79.11 by Leatherman

Gerber Dime Keychain Multi-Tool

Dime keychain multi-tool,
$20 by Gerber


Blackburn Tradesman Bike Multi-Tool

Every possible tool you'd need for a roadside bike repair.

Tradesman bike multi-tool,
$29.15 by Blackburn

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool BS

SwissTool BS,
$185 by Victorinox Swiss Army

SOG Baton G3 Multitool

Baton Q3 multitool,
$94 / $74 by SOG

True Utility Fixr Tool Keychain

This stripped down version packs a whopping 20 tools into one compact clip.

Fixr tool keychain,
$15 by True Utility

FYI launched in December of 2009.

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