You Need This Portable
Fire Pit in Your Life

The jet-powered grill and fire pit is the stuff of James Bond technology

BioLite portable fire pit BioLite portable fire pit

We'll be honest, we don't freak out over gear all that much at Valet. We're more likely to get excited about a cool menswear brand, an emerging trend with interiors or a new grooming innovation. But every now and then, there's something that gets us all talking and fantasizing about how we might use some interesting state-of-the-art gadget. And that's just what happened when our adventuring friends at Huckberry introduced us to the BioLite FirePit.

When we say this thing is the stuff of James Bond technology, we're not kidding. First off, it's not just a fire pit. It's an extremely sleek, portable fire pit—about the same size as a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler, but a few pounds lighter—and is only 10 inches high with the retractable legs stowed.


BioLite portable fire pit BioLite portable fire pit

A small, rechargeable powerpack blows air into the fire through 51 individual air jets to create uniform flames, a more consistent temperature and improve overall combustion. What's more, those jets are Bluetooth-compatible, so you can precisely control the airflow—and how high you want the flames go—via an app on your phone. By constantly and evenly distributing oxygen to the fire, you get a more efficient burn. This means less smoke and you don't need as much wood. If that wasn't enough, the FirePit also has an adjustable rack you can lift above the burning charcoal or wood for hibachi-style grilling. Another modern convenience? You can use the FirePit's power bank to charge up any USB connectable device.


By far, the coolest feature is the micro-perforated "X-Ray Mesh" siding, which officially aids in heat distribution but also allows you to fully appreciate the flames. You get the experience of watching the fire roar and crackle while the science within works to keep smoke, soot and stray embers at bay. The mesh also helps it cool down quickly when you're done.

After all, who wouldn't want to fire up the grill and cook some steaks over charcoal, then while you're eating, throw on a couple of logs for a roaring, crackling (smokeless) wood fire for your after-dinner drinks? It's prefect for the last few weeks of summer and the cool, crisp evenings of fall.

BioLite portable fire pit

$199.95 (with free shipping)
by BioLite

Get a Solar Cover and Save

BioLite FirePit and solar charging cover

Want to take the hassle out of charging? Or think you'll be taking this on the road? Pick up this bundle, which offers a discount on BioLite's specially designed water-resistant solar cover that recharges your FirePit while protecting it from the elements and comes with durable nylon web handles.

FirePit and cover bundle, $249.98 by BioLite

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