Tools to Make Your Place Smell Better

Tools to Make Your Place Smell Better

Mood-setting has never been so important

Best home fragrances for men

The more time you spend at home, the more you rely on the little things to make your space feel special. We've never tended to our plants more. Our floors have never been cleaner. And a good fragrance not only clears the air (literally), but it has the ability to change your mindset. The meditative flicker of a candle's flame helps set the mood for a more serene evening. The subtle wisps of white smoke hovering above some Japanese incense or a singed stick of palo santo transport you to another place. Somewhere exotic or luxurious—which comes in handy when so many of us are living, working and cooking within the same four walls day after day. Because a well-scented home is anything but mundane. The tools below are all designed to upgrade any airspace. So whether you like the travel-inspired ritual of lighting incense or prefer options that require little to no work, here are our team's tried and true suggestions.


The Best Home
Fragrances for Men


There's something about incense that makes a place feel sophisticated and well traveled—from South American "holy wood" to Japanese matchsticks that conveniently only burn for ten minutes.

Skeem Design Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo sticks,
$19.95 / $15.95 by Skeem Design

Hasami Porcelain Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood incense,
$15 by Hasami Porcelain

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Campfire Incense

Douglas fir campfire incense,
$12 by Juniper Ridge

Hibi Incense Matches

Incense matches,
$12 by Hibi


Candles are an essential for any home if you ask us. These are the ones we're burning at our homes now. From pot leaves and tobacco to CBD vapor, they make for work-appropriate vices.

Yield Design Co. Cypress Extra-Strength CBD Massage Candle

Cypress extra-strength CBD massage candle,
$68 / $45 by Yield Design Co.

Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle

Cowboy Kush candle,
$32 by Boy Smells

Square Trade Goods Co. Big Sur Candle

Big Sur candle,
$35 by Square Trade Goods Co.

Pot Pourri

Want the scent without having to worry about trimming wicks and managing a flame? These aren't your grandma's potpourri. They're made from Tuscan botanicals, lava rocks and tree resin.

Mad et Len Terre Noire Pourri Apothicaire

Terre Noire pourri apothicaire,
$145 by Mad et Len

Bastide Pot Pourri Ambrew d'Ore

Pot pourri Ambre d'Or,
$80 by Bastide

Santa Maria Novella Italian Pot Pourri

Italian pot pourri,
$35 by Santa Maria Novella

Essential Oils

These are the ultimate aromatherapy tool. Let a diffuser disperse all-natural essential oils into the air, like these blends specifically designed for relaxation or a boost of energy.

Objecto W2 Aroma Diffuser

W2 Aroma diffuser,
$69.99 by Objecto

Campo Relax Oil Blend

Relax oil blend,
$25 by Campo

Saje Energy Diffuser Blend

Energy diffuser blend,
$16 by Saje

The Only Acceptable Air Freshener

Aesop Air Freshener

$55 by Aesop

Most air fresheners smell like, well, air fresheners. And that's not usually a good thing. But if you want a simple and straightforward way to lift the aroma of a room, this long-lasting spray by Aesop provides a sophisticated scent of spice and wood.

$55 by Aesop

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