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Why the Chesterfield sofa will always be the right choice

Best chesterfield sofas for men

If one were to create a Mount Rushmore of furniture, they'd be hard-pressed to find an argument against including the Chesterfield sofa. A truly timeless piece of furniture, it has added class and sophistication to rooms across the world since the late 1700s. It's ruggedly handsome yet tastefully refined. There is no official documentation on the origins, but the legend goes that Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, wanted a sofa that wouldn't put creases in his suit when he sat. He took this problem to a local craftsman, and the result was the first iteration of the tufted sofa.

Stanhope's custom couch received such admiration from visitors that they began commissioning their own, and quickly the Chesterfield became a fixture of British high society. Since its not-so-humble beginnings, the stylish sofa has gone on to fill the rooms of diplomats, psychoanalysts, five-star hotel lobbies and the homes of anyone looking to add a shot of masculine style to their spaces. Of course, through the years, iterations and tweaks have been made but the aspects that made the Chesterfield a classic still remain: deep button tufting, soft quality leather (or possibly velvet) and the ambition to dress well without wrinkles. Herewith, some solid options in a range of styles and prices.


Best Chesterfield Sofas

Williams Sonoma Home Bond Sofa

Bond sofa,
$4,995 by Williams Sonoma Home

West Elm Modern Chesterfield Sofa

Modern Chesterfield sofa,
from $2,399 by West Elm

CB2 Savile Tufted Sofa

Savile tufted sofa,
$2,499 by CB2

France & Son Dylan Sofa

Dylan sofa,
$1,599 by France & Son

Kardiel Woodrow Leather and Hardwood Sofa

Woodrow leather and hardwood sofa,
$5,321 / $3,797 by Kardiel

Poly & Bark Essex Sofa

Essex sofa,
$1,899 by Poly & Bark

Eternity Modern Two-Seater Leather Sofa

Two-seater leather sofa,
$2,329 / $1,789 by Eternity Modern

Fleming & Howland Hamilton Sofa

Hamilton sofa,
$3,925 by Fleming & Howland

Chesterfield sofa in a Billy Reid shop


We’ve noticed a Chesterfield in every Billy Reid shop we’ve visited. Given the sofa’s sartorial history, it now makes sense.

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