Cool Down
Your Bed

Best cooling sheets and comforters in 2022 Best cooling sheets and comforters in 2022

Cool Down
Your Bed

The best cooling sheets and comforters

There are few things worse than trying to fall asleep when you’re hot. Who can rest when you're overheated? If you're one of the many who toss and turn come summertime—no matter how cold you try to make your place—you need to rethink your bedding. The alternative is doing nothing and letting even a small amount of sweat or humidity make you feel glued to your sheets.

According to a well-regarded sleep study, scientists have concluded that the ideal sleeping temperature is an environment between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Our bodies are programmed to experience a slight dip in core temperature in the evening. When lying in bed trying to snooze, your body temperature decreases to initiate sleep—and the proposed temperatures above can actually help facilitate this. If you have air conditioning, this temperate drop can be accomplished fairly easily (while using a decent amount of energy). Thankfully, there have also been outstanding advancements in fabric technology, allowing those who run hot or sweat at night some much-needed relief during the warmer months. These expert-recommended sheets and covers will cool you down and keep you dry without raising your utility bills.


Cooling Sheets

Satin Weave

Leave it to a performance apparel brand to make some highly advanced sheets that do wonders for the body. This set delivers luxury-level quality with serious temperature regulation. Sliding into these is a delight. The silky 450-thread-count satin weave actually feels cool to the touch and continuously cools your body throughout the night while still making your feel like you're under the covers. It works by gradual moisture evaporation; the sheets absorb body heat from the skin, keeping you about two degrees cooler, which leads to better rest and prevents night sweats to begin with.

CoolLife sheet set,
from $169 by LifeLabs


If ultimate breathability is high on your list of priorities, linen is the way to go. The fabric is made of a looser weave than your standard cotton sheet, which means it not only lets air through easily, but it traps less heat too. This set is washed and dyed in small batches for a relaxed, comfortable feel. Plus, linen is naturally antibacterial will will keep odors away. And while soft, the texture is rougher than smooth cotton, so it's not for everyone.

Linen sheet set,
from $299 by Brooklinen


Percale is naturally very crisp, and this sleek 300 thread count set is smooth, lightweight and cool against your skin. If you like the substantial feel of a luxury hotel's bedding, this is your best option. While they are crisp, they soften up with each wash while retaining their inherent smoothness. And the benefit of going organic is that the cotton isn't treated with harsh pesticides, which can eventually weaken the fabric fibers.

Percale cotton sheet set,
from $99 by Sol Organics


Eucalyptus has natural temperature-regulating properties. It's both cooling and moisture-wicking, so it's great for anyone who sweats at night. These sateen sheets are woven from hypoallergenic TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell fibers that are incredibly soft and the company says that the natural dyes allow the fabric to last longer.

TENCEL sheet set,
from $169 by Buffy


Cooling Covers


If you want the fluffy feel of a comforter, but still want to keep cool, this blanket utilizes a temperature-regulating technology developed by NASA. Within the down-like filling, tiny microencapsulated beads called Thermocules absorb heat and offset temperature fluctuations during the night. Plus, it's got corner loops so it can be used as an insert inside of a duvet cover.

Lightweight comforter,
from $159 by Slumber Cloud


This comforter kind of does it all. It provides a soft, weightless cover to create a uniquely airy sleeping experience. A TENCEL-blend fabric and a proprietary poly puff fill helps regulate body temperature while wicking away any moisture—ideal for humid conditions. It can be used as a duvet insert as well, and the stitched-through construction of the box quilting ensures a uniform feel and fluff, so there's no bunching or lumps.

Cooling comforter,
from $179 by Molecule


A more traditional take on a cooling blanket, this lightweight quilt has been washed for extra softness. Made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton woven into a gauze-like fabric, it allows for easy air circulation while still providing the comfortable feel of a quilt wrapped around you. Garment-dyed for a stylish two-tone finish, it's probably the most attractive option as well.

Cloud cotton quilt,
from $259 by Parachute

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