Running Out of Room for Your Shoes?

Best shoe storage systems

Running Out
of Room for Your Shoes?

The best shoe storage options for any guy

John J. Lee keeps his prized footwear collection protected in drop-front shoe boxes and displays them proudly.

It’s a problem any Valet. reader could have. Because it's a problem for most of the Valet. staffers. More shoes than we know what to do with. It seems like each season there's at least one or two pairs you just gotta have, right? But that doesn't mean you necessarily want to get rid of the perfectly good ones you already own.

Besides, these loafers are a lot different than those loafers. And I may go hiking again, sometime, somewhere, so I should probably hang onto these boots just in case. The only downside to this embarrassment of riches? Your beloved footwear ends up piled on the floor of your closet—much to the chagrin of your more organized partner. No? Just me?

In any case, I'm convinced that there's no such thing as too many shoes. There are simply insufficient ways to store them. After all, when shoes aren't stored properly, everyone suffers. The shoes get dusty and dinged up. Not to mention, you miss out on wearing the ones that are completely buried. You want storage solutions that work within your space confines and make it easy to choose the best pair for today. If they can be attractive and help improve the aesthetics of your place, even better.

In a perfect world, we'd all just luxuriate in a large, custom closet. And if you currently enjoy this pleasure, I'm both happy for and hate you. That doesn't mean that you can't have a sexy looking set-up though. Because when everything is tucked neatly into its place, it doesn't matter how big or small; it looks tidy and beautiful. And these solutions below make it simple to keep it that way.


The Best Shoe
Storage Solutions
in 2024

In the Entryway

It's where you put on your shoes to leave and kick off your shoes as soon as you get home. So it makes sense to organize your footwear in your entryway. Perhaps you want to keep them neatly tucked away in a discreet cabinet or simply toss them into a roomy storage bench. Or show them off on a modern, three-tiered rack.

Article Thari Storage Bench

Thari storage bench,
$649 / $549 by Article

IKEA HENNES Shoe Cabinet

HEMNES shoe cabinet,
$179.99 by IKEA

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Entryway rack,
$184 by Open Spaces


In the Closet

Shoes primarily live in the closet. But not in a pile at the bottom. Make sure you can see and easily reach any pair you want to wear. For wide, shallow closets, consider a sturdy hanging organizer. Or make instant room for up to nine pairs with a simple riser that doubles your shelf space and even works on the floor. And if you really want to flex, invest in stackable shoe boxes that offer easy access via a drop-front door.

The Container Store Drop-Front Shoe Box

Drop-front shoe box,
$59.99 (for a case of six) by The Container Store

Home Essentials 10-Shelf Organizer

10-shelf organizer,
$38.74 by Home Essentials

IRIS Multi-Purpose Riser

Multi-purpose riser,
$34.99 by IRIS


Out in the Open

If you simply don't have any space to store your shoes, consider actual furniture to stash them in. A large trunk can hold plenty of pairs (and even protect the ones you want to keep in their original boxes). If you're less precious about it, but want to corral your kicks, try a handsome basket that will keep shoes well-ventilated and off the floor.

Millwood Pines Gillan Trunk

Gillan trunk,
$789.99 by Millwood Pines

West Elm Open-Weave Basket

Open-weave basket,
from $35 by West Elm



When you're really limited on space, utilize the space under your bed. Let's get real for a second: there are shoes you want to keep but don't wear regularly. Those can go in an under-bed box, protected from light and dust. If you're storing daily drivers under there, consider a rolling rack that works much like a drawer—sliding out several options at a time to choose from.

StorageLab Adjustable Under-Bed Boxes

Adjustable under-bed boxes,
$39.99 (for two) by StorageLab

Burke Decor Rolling Hidden Shoe Rack

Rolling hidden shoe rack,
$69 by Burke Decor

Did You Know? Did You Know?

There’s a right and wrong way to buy shoes? And if you’re spending your hard-earned dough on a quality pair, we suggest taking them for a serious test drive beforehand.

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