Stone Cold Stylish

Stone Cold Stylish

A few well-chosen marble pieces will elevate your home

Best marble accessories for a man's home in 2024

When it comes to classic building materials, you don’t get more timeless than marble. The stuff is made from hardened rock—we're talking about stuff that's anywhere from 60 million to 200 million years old. It's what ancient civilizations used to adorn their temples and famous artists used to carve statues. Put another way, there's an inherent legacy to marble, which is part of what makes it feel so special.

There's also the fact that each piece, no matter how big or small, is unique. No two marble pieces are the same, since the veining and striations of colors will vary depending on where the slab of rock was cut and how it was polished. And while it's certainly been around a long time, the natural material is suddenly enjoying something of a resurgence. But we're not talking about splashy marble kitchen counters or bathroom tiles. These days, more and more marble is showing up all around the house.

Younger, stylish interior designers like Jeremiah Brent and Colin King are incorporating coffee tables and lamps, crafted from honed marble, into their projects because the natural material conveys so much. It's graphic and eye-catching, it provides a touch of nature and there's an inherent strength that certainly provides a man's home with a luxurious yet masculine vibe. Of course, that doesn't always come cheap. But the good thing about today's marble trend is that you can get pieces in all shapes and sizes, depending on your personal style and budget. Pick up a piece or two and watch how it instantly elevates your space.


The Best Marble Accents
for a Man’s Home

CB2 I beam side table

I beam side table,
$399 by CB2

Pottery Barn Amara marble lamp

Amara marble lamp,
$199 by Pottery Barn

Wrought Studio Marble box

Marble box,
$59.99 by Wrought Studio

Lulu and Georgia Mercer side table

Mercer side table,
$799 by Lulu and Georgia

Crate & Barrel Marble and mahogany coffee table

Marble and mahogany coffee table,
$799 by Crate & Barrel

West Elm Streamline console table

Streamline console table,
$429 by West Elm

Knoll Saarinen oval coffee table

Saarinen oval coffee table,
from $3,677 by Knoll


Jayson Home Ester side table

Ester side table,
$495 by Jayson Home

Abask Marble block bowl

Marble block bowl,
$85 by Abask

Craighill Carrara facet bowl

Carrara facet bowl,
$98 by Craighill

Anthropologie Sky marble lamp
Anthropologie Sky marble lamp

Sky marble lamp,
$198 / $158.40 by Anthropologie

Artsolute Dimmable marble lamp
Artsolute Dimmable marble lamp

Dimmable marble lamp,
$149 / $134 by Artsolute

RH Calacatta plinth table

Calacatta plinth table,
from $825 at RH

FutureStone Calacatta carved tray

Calacatta carved tray,
$39.50 by FutureStone

Ferdi Jack sculpture

Jack sculpture,
$48 by Ferdi

Threshold Marble figural

Marble figural,
$25 by Threshold

Marble Maintenance

In general, cleaning your marble with mild dish detergent and warm water is the safest way to maintain the stone without damaging the sealant that is often applied.

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