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Best wall-mounted lamps in 2023

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Mount Your Lamps

Wall-mounted lamps and sconces are an easy upgrade with a big pay-off

No matter how big your place is, you could always use more room, right? And while you can't instantly add square footage, there are tricks that interior designers rely on to not only make a room appear and feel larger, but also add some visual intrigue to the space. One of the most popular and reliable tricks? Wall-mounted lighting. The team at online interior design service Havenly often recommends sconces and other wall-mounted arm lamps to create “layered lighting” which sets a mood for the room or provides task lighting where it's needed—a true combination of form and function.

These wall-mounted lamps provide an instant update that gives a room a customized (and let's be honest, expensive) look and feel. Especially in smaller apartments or homes without a lot of interesting architecture. What's more, they now come in a range of styles and prices and the installation can be as simple or involved as you like. The easiest option, of course, is the plug-in kind. They only require a few screws and a drill and the upgrade is completely renter-friendly. And the best part? When you're ready to move on to another apartment, these can come with you. It's an investment that will last and evolve with each new place you live. So try one in a corner by your favorite chair. Install a set over a bookcase to really show off your collection. Flank a pair beside your bed or position one over a table. No matter where you place it, you'll benefit from the style, extra light and the unique way in which they take up no space at all.


The Best
Wall-Mounted Lamps
in 2023


According to experts, hard-wiring a light fixture is a job that beginners can attempt. They say it'll take three hours at home, but an electrician can knock it out in no time for as little as $100. But if the area where you want it requires extra wires to be run or cutting through drywall, it'll add another $200 - $300 to the overall cost. But then, no messy wires and you'll have light at the flick of a switch.

Anthropologie Henry sconce table
Anthropologie Henry sconce table

Henry sconce table,
$228 / $199.95 by Anthropologie

Interior Icons Mouille-style rotating wall lamp

Mouille-style rotating wall lamp,
$998 / $499 by Interior Icons

Available in 10 different metal and shade configurations.

Henry sconce,
$129 by West Elm



All you need to install these simple lamps is a drill, a few screws and some imagination. The cords can be tucked behind furniture if you want them out of the way, but in many cases, the wires work with the style of the lights.

Bernard-Albin Gras Lampe Gras Model 214 wall lamp
Bernard-Albin Gras Lampe Gras Model 214 wall lamp

Lampe Gras Model 214 wall lamp,
$659 by Bernard-Albin Gras

Peter Bristol Nickel articulating lamp

Nickel articulating lamp,
$1,739 by Peter Bristol

Nickel articulating lamp,
$1,739 by Peter Bristol

Lostine Grace wall lamp

Grace wall lamp,
$1,145 by Lostine

George Nelson Cigar wall lamp

Cigar wall lamp,
$495 by George Nelson

West Elm Misewell Tokyo sconce

Misewell Tokyo sconce,
$269 by West Elm

The oversized shades are available in over 10 colors.

Gantry pivot lamp,
$649 / $519.99 by Schoolhouse

Article. Aredo arm sconce

Ardeo arm sconce,
$129 by Article.

Globe Electric Cleo sconce

Can be hard-wired or plugged in.

Cleo sconce,
$27.99 by Globe Electric

CB2 Mantis swivel wall lamp

Mantis swivel wall lamp,
$149 by CB2



These can put up anywhere—no wires and no plug necessary. The wonders of LED technology is that the bulbs are lightweight and use so little energy that battery-operated sconces are possible. Turn them on as often as you like. You'll be surprised at how long the batteries will last.

Tivkight fabric sconce
Tivkight fabric sconce

Fabric sconce,
$33.99 / $28.04 (for two) by Tivkight

Latitude Run Dimmable powder-coated sconce

Dimmable powder-coated sconce,
$122.99 / $109.99 by Latitude Run

TACAHE Glass shade strap sconce

Glass shade strap sconce,
$49.99 / $45.89 by TACAHE

A One-of-a-Kind Light

Want something truly unique? Look for vintage mid-century lamps. They'll have details and a patina you just can't find on new pieces. The only downside? They may require rewiring. But this Italian telescopic wall light from the 1950s, complete with brass counterweight, would definitely make an impact in your home.

Arredoluce-style extendable pulley lamp,
$4,851 at 1stDibs

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