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Carve Out
Some Space

Best room dividers in 2024 Best room dividers in 2024

Carve Out
Some Space

The best room dividers will
breathe new life into your home

Are you ready to divide and conquer—literally? Because these folding screens, shelving units and room dividers are designed to do just that. Perhaps you live in a studio or a small apartment without a lot of interesting architecture. Maybe that “open floor plan” that was once so airy and appealing suddenly feels a little too open. If you wish to have a separate home office or dressing room, you're in luck: A room divider allows you to add to your space without any complicated renovations. Sure, in a perfect world, we'd always have enough closet space or a separate changing area, but this is not a perfect world. A screen can keep your exercise equipment, printer and storage bins corralled and out of sight.

What's more, folding screens and shelves barely take any effort to set up. Simply position them where you need them most (more on that below) and then rearrange them as often as you'd like. It's a shape-shifting solution that many interior designers use because it not only makes extra square footage seemingly appear out of nowhere, but also because these stylish pieces of accent furniture add a touch of luxurious sex appeal to any room. Probably because folding screens were originally created for royalty and other nobility. They were first found in palaces, but continued to evolve and enjoyed a resurgence during the streamlined mid-century boom. Today, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There's surely one that suits your style and budget. To help you get started, we pulled a few of our current favorites.


Stylish Room Dividers
for Men

Room Dividers

Looking to create separation but not fully block out the light? These will conceal an area while still feeling light and airy.

Gianfranco Frattini Cervinia grid panel divider
Gianfranco Frattini Cervinia grid panel divider

Cervinia grid panel divider,
$1,499 / $599.97 by Gianfranco Frattini

Pottery Barn Hardwood room divider

Hardwood room divider,
$1,399 by Pottery Barn

AllModern Haddis acacia wood screen

Haddis acacia wood screen,
$740 / $640 by AllModern

Lark Manor Reisterstown panel divider

Reisterstown panel divider,
$415.99 / $359.99 by Lark Manor


Room Dividers

If you want to hide something behind your screen, opt for a solid divider for maximum privacy and cover.

Herman Miller Vintage Eames ash wood screen
Herman Miller Vintage Eames ash wood screen

Vintage Eames
ash wood screen,
$4,900 by Herman Miller

Artek Aalto screen 100

Aalto screen 100,
$2,806 by Artek

Loon Peak Mattos lightweight panels

Mattos lightweight panels,
$232 / $146 by Loon Peak

Red Lantern Bamboo wave screen

Bamboo wave screen,
$329 / $299.99 by Red Lantern


Room Dividers

These dividers provide a two-for-one benefit: They separate spaces, while also providing additional shelving space to display and store items.

Crate & Barrel Oak open bookcase
Crate & Barrel Oak open bookcase

Oak open bookcase,
$1,999 / $1,599 by Crate & Barrel

Room & Board Foshay shelving

Foshay shelving,
$2,749 by Room & Board

MUJI Oak stackable shelving

Oak stackable shelving,
$$800 by MUJI

AllModern Stetson wide bookcase

Stetson wide bookcase,
$780 by AllModern

Ways to Use Them

Tuck one into a corner to give the room some added drama (while allowing for extra storage hidden behind it).

Place two panels, one on each side, of a large opening between rooms, to create some architecture and intrigue.

Wayfair Reisterstown Wood Privacy Screen

Create a more private workspace/home office in your living room or bedroom.

Cordon off a small area by your closet in your bedroom. Add a bench and you've almost added an ensuite dressing room.

Use one as a headboard behind your bed. It could be up against a wall or provide space behind the bed.

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