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Never Be Without
Good Lighting

Best portable LED lamps

Never Be Without Good Lighting

The coolest cordless lamps work for both homebodies and outdoorsy types

When it comes to setting a vibe, looking your best or simply making your place feel more luxurious, the smartest and easiest thing you can do is turn off “the big light.” You know, the large overhead light that maybe came with your place. You didn't choose it and all it does is provide harsh, surgical-level illumination from above.

Instead, go for smaller lamps, scattered around your room that provide warm pockets of light, at the right scale and in the right direction. Of course, there are spots where some light would be nice, but you don't have the clearance for a wire or an outlet to plug it in. That's where a new breed of lamps comes in clutch. Portable LED lamps have become something of a trend—and for good reason.

Untethered and available to be placed anywhere—including outside—these handsome light sources provide optimal freedom, not to mention plenty of light right where you need it. Use them for desk or task lamps, add some style and extra visibility to your kitchen counter or take them out to your balcony or backyard for dinner and drinks after sunset. We love working them into spots where lights wouldn't normally work (without the skilled wiring of an electrician), like tucked into a bookcase or bar cart and placed in the center of a room, like on the coffee table. No wires to worry about.

Most are rechargeable and will provide power for the better part of a week before needing to be juiced up. And best of all, they come in a wide range of styles and colors, to suit the personality of your place. Really, the most challenging part is finding the right one for your personal style. We've collected some of the coolest styles to help you out.


The Best
Cordless Rechargeable
Lamps in 2024

Metal Dimmable
LED Lamp

Crafted from powder-coated metal, this dimmable lamp has a wide shade and comes in six different colorways.

11” Dimmable LED lamp,
$77 by Writzer

Flowerpot VP9
Rechargeable Lamp

Introduced in 2020, this has become one of the most recognized portable lamps, designed by Verner Panton. It combines gently curved dome shapes in its base and upper shade, while the polycarbonate construction keeps it light and easily moveable.

Flowerpot VP9
rechargeable lamp,
$315 by Verner Panton for &Tradition

Hernan Brass
Cordless Lamp

Want something that looks more old school and less portable? This brass style from Porky is dimmable and sturdy. But can still go with you from room to room.

Hernan brass
cordless lamp,
$195 at Pooky

Industrial Rechargeable

Looking for something more industrial? This stylish lantern is crafted from lightweight and sturdy aluminum and provides up to 40 hours of light on a single charge.

rechargeable lantern,
$119 by MXLighting

Hackney Cordless
Library Lamp

The perfect, stately lamp, to place on a fireplace mantle or on a dining room table. The hand-rubbed brass base is complemented by a traditional linen shade.

Hackney cordless
library lamp,
$400 by McGee & Co.


Portable Aluminum Lamp

Designed by George Sowden and part of the permanent MoMA collection, this art deco-style lamp comes in half a dozen color combinations.

Portable aluminum lamp,
$129 George Sowden

Cordless Mushroom Lamp

A replica of Louis Poulsen's Panthella lamp, this mid-century style offers a simple sloping design with a subtle glow through the acrylic shade.

Cordless mushroom lamp,
$35.99 by Espied

Dixon Rechargeable
Brass Lamp

The smaller scale of this little brass lamp makes it a perfect topper to a stack of books or as an illuminating addition to your coffee table (that won't block the view of the TV).

Dixon rechargeable
brass lamp,
$249 / $186.75 by Frontgate

Bellboy Rechargeable Lamp

This adaptable lamp has a removeable spring coil design on its base and the touch-sensitive design makes turning on the lights easy and fun.

Bellboy rechargeable lamp,
$129 by Fatboy

Different types of lighting

Be Strategic
With Your Lighting

You actually want various levels of light within a room. Gentle overhead ambient lighting, slightly dimmer accent lighting (think small table lamps, floor lamps that point toward the ceiling and wall sconces) and then brighter task lighting (reading lamps near lounge chairs or desk lamps).

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