The Best
Toiletry Bags
for Men

Durable, efficient and stylish, they’re available at any price point

Best toiletry bags for men in 2023
Best toiletry bags for men in 2023

The toiletry bag really took a hit after the TSA put their regulations on liquids in place back in the early aughts. It forced a lot of men to simply abandon their classic leather shave kits for an overstuffed Zip-loc bag. But there's more to a Dopp kit than a few bottles filled with 3.4 ounces of liquid, right? So why limit yourself to a ratty plastic bag to transport your grooming essentials—everything from your creams and pastes to your floss, nail clippers and drugs?

Official TSA regulations no longer require the quart-sized bag to be clear, although it's often advised to speed up the security screening process. But if you check your bags, or have Pre-Check status, then go ahead and upgrade to a grown-up toiletry bag. One that you can be proud displaying in your hotel's bathroom or even your friend's guest room. Not only will it be much more stylish, but it will be designed for organization and durability. The best ones are water-resistant, come with a good zipper and plenty of pockets. Some are designed to hang on the back of a door or towel rack (so you never have to unpack), while others are engineered to stay open and allow easy access to all your grooming gear and products. Depending on how often you travel and your personal style and budget, how much you want to invest in a bag is up to you, so we've organized them by airline class—but all have been vetted by the Valet. team and would serve you well, no matter your final destination.


The Best
Toiletry Bags
& Dopp Kits
in 2023


Under $50

A no frills transparent grooming bag that’s simple to clean should anything spill.

Ultralight liquids pouch,
$12 by Osprey

The Tie Bar canvas dopp kit

Canvas dopp kit,
$20 / $10 by The Tie Bar

Harry's Waterproof toiletry bag

Waterproof toiletry bag,
$20 by Harry's

Line of Trade Weekender dopp kit

Weekender dopp kit,
$35 by Line of Trade

A multi-pocket bag that opens wide with fold down sides, allowing it to stay open like a small basket.

Renew transit catch-all,
$35 by Everlane

Outerknown x GOT Bag shower bag

Shower bag,
$38 by Outerknown x GOT Bag

Aer cordura travel kit

Cordura travel kit,
$49 by Aer

Patagonia black hole medium cube

Black hole medium cube,
$45 by Patagonia



From $50 - $100

Peak Design small wash pouch

Small wash pouch,
$50 by Peak Design

Truffle clarity pouch

Clarity pouch,
$50 by Truffle

Away small toiletry bag

Small toiletry bag,
$55 by Away

Quince nappa leather toiletry bag

Nappa leather toiletry bag,
$69.90 by Quince

Filson Tin cloth travel kit

Tin cloth travel kit,
$75 by Filson

Hiro Clark Leather dopp kit

Leather dopp kit,
$98 by Hiro Clark

This adaptable bag has a zippered divider that can be adjusted based on your needs.

Civic access pouch,
$75 by Evergoods

July Large toiletry bag

Large toiletry bag,
$95 by July


First Class

Over $100

This lean bag folds up to save space in your luggage and can be hung up in the bathroom.

Leather toiletry kit,
$115 by WP Standard

R.M. Williams R.M.W. city washbag

R.M.W. city washbag,
$119 by R.M. Williams

Satchel & Page Shave kit

Shave kit,
$175 by Satchel & Page

Troubadour rig case

Rig case,
$105 by Troubadour

Billykirk No 490 leather toiletry bag

No 490 leather
toiletry bag,
$240 by Billykirk

Acne Studios Ripstop wash bag

Ripstop wash bag,
$160 by Acne Studios

Need Travel
Size Products?

It's not always easy to find mini versions of high-end skincare and grooming products. But if you want to eschew the drugstore, 100ML curates the best in beauty and wellness in tiny travel-ready sizes, so you never have to sacrifice your self-care rituals while you're on the go.

Too Organized?
No Such Thing!

L.L. Bean’s packing cubes come in three sizes to accommodate all your travel needs. Especially going into the colder weather, since these lightweight nylon bags let you efficiently roll up puffy jackets, compress thick sweaters and pack up pants into compact cubes that fit neatly into your suitcase.

Packing cube set,
$49.95 by L.L. Bean

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