Valet. Holiday Gift Guide
Valet. holiday gift guide 2023 Valet. holiday gift guide 2023


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Gifts for:
Pets (and Pet Lovers)

The Foggy Dog Waxed canvas waste bag

Waxed canvas waste bag,
$24.99 by The Foggy Dog

Hear Doggy Ultrasonic squeak toy

Ultrasonic squeak toy,
$15 by Hear Doggy

Uproot Clean Pro pet hair remover

Pro pet hair remover,
$23.99 by Uproot Clean

Vana Chupp Custom pet silhouette

Custom pet silhouette,
from $45 by Vana Chupp

MyMedic Pet first-aid kit

Pet first-aid kit,
$25 by MyMedic

Frisco Cactus cat scratching post

Cactus cat scratching post,
$26.65 by Frisco

Fi Series 3 smart collar

Series 3 smart collar,
$102 by Fi

Musher's Secret Paw wax

Paw wax,
$25.99 by Musher's Secret

Springer Flip travel bottle
Springer Flip travel bottle

Flip travel bottle,
$28 by Springer

Tuft and Paw Window hammock
Tuft and Paw Window hammock

Window hammock,
$79 by Tuft and Paw

Little Beast Silver linings sweater

Silver linings sweater,
$65 by Little Beast

biOrb MCR aquarium

MCR aquarium,
$189 / $148 by biOrb

Dad Grass CBD dog treats

CBD dog treats,
$25 by Dad Grass

Mau Modern cat tree

Modern cat tree,
$199 by Mau

Barbour Tartan dog harness

Tartan dog harness,
$45 by Barbour


Gifts for:
Active People

Jaybird Vista 2 sport earbuds

Vista 2 sport earbuds,
$149.99 / $79.99 by Jaybird

Modest Vintage Player Black leather basketball

Black leather basketball,
$80 / $65 by Modest Vintage Player

Mack Weldon WarmKnit performance gloves

WarmKnit performance gloves,
$68 by Mack Weldon

Tracksmith Seamless base layer
Tracksmith Seamless base layer

Seamless base layer,
$88 by Tracksmith

Bala Wearable wrist and ankle weights

Wearable wrist
and ankle weights,
$55 by Bala

HOKA Ora recovery slide

Ora recovery slide,
$60 by HOKA

Win.Max Mini foosball table

Mini foosball table,
$37.99 by Win.Max

Satisfy SoftCell half\0x2011zip

SoftCell half-zip,
$240 by Satisfy

Ten Thousand Training crew socks

Training crew socks,
$18 by Ten Thousand

Alo Warrior mat

Warrior mat,
$128 / $89 by Alo

District Vision x AW Keita Summit Ti Sport sunglasses

Sport sunglasses,
$395 by District Vision x AW Keita Summit Ti

Waterdrop ThermoSteel water bottle

ThermoSteel water bottle,
$44 / $36.90 by Waterdrop

ESPA Fitness shower oil

Fitness shower oil,
$72 by ESPA

Quest Nutrition Peppermint Bark protein bars

Peppermint Bark protein bars,
$9.59 by Quest Nutrition

Nike Metcon Turbo 2 sneaker

Metcon Turbo 2 sneaker,
$160 by Nike


Gifts for:

Heath Ceramics Bulb vase

Bulb vase,
$88 by Heath Ceramics

Parachute Cotton cloud robe

Cotton cloud robe,
$109 by Parachute

Caswell-Masey Honeysuckle triple-milled soap

Honeysuckle triple-milled soap,
$14 by Caswell-Masey

Hunter Insulated indoor/outdoor clog
Hunter Insulated indoor/outdoor clog

Insulated indoor/outdoor clog,
$74.95 by Hunter

Hoto Tools Electric wine opener

Electric wine opener,
$30 by Hoto Tools

Antica Farmacita Aperol spritz bubble bath

Aperol spritz bubble bath,
$42 by Antica Farmacita

Lilysilk Oxford silk pillowcase

Oxford silk pillowcase,
$69 by Lilysilk

Kodak Wireless mobile photo printer

Wireless mobile
photo printer,
$99.99 / $69.99 by Kodak

Personal foot heater,
$100 by Objecto

Amy Waltz Design Mothers birthstone necklace
Amy Waltz Design Mothers birthstone necklace

Mothers birthstone necklace,
$136 by Amy Waltz Design

Terrain Glass watering can
Terrain Glass watering can

Glass watering can,
$48 by Terrain

Homedics Warming shiatsu massage pillow

Warming shiatsu
massage pillow,
$66 / $49.99 by Homedics

Sur la Table Movie Night popcorn set

“Movie Night” popcorn set,
$29.95 by Sur la Table

Mises et Relances
leather tray,
$445 by Hermès

Haden Electric tea kettle

Electric tea kettle,
$84.95 by Haden

Jenni Kayne Cashmere cocoon cardigan
Jenni Kayne Cashmere cocoon cardigan

Cashmere cocoon cardigan,
$495 / $372 by Jenni Kayne


Gifts for:
Coffee Enthusiasts

MiiR New standard pour-over kettle

New standard pour-over kettle,
$69.95 by MiiR

Zwilling Conical burr grinder
Zwilling Conical burr grinder

Conical burr grinder,
$149.99 / $99.99 by Zwilling

Blomus Ceramic stoneware coffee cup and saucer

Ceramic stoneware
coffee cup and saucer,
$47.99 (set of two) by Blomus

Stainless steel canister,
$32.95 by Airscape

Moccamaster KBGV coffee maker

KBGV coffee maker,
$359 by Moccamaster

Good & Well Supply Co. Camp Fire Coffee candle

Camp Fire Coffee candle,
$27 by Good & Well Supply Co.

Partners Coffee Roasters Bedford espresso blend

Bedford espresso blend,
$19.50 by Partners Coffee Roasters

Snow Peak Measuring spoon

Measuring spoon,
$21.95 by Snow Peak

Nespresso Vertuo Creatista coffee maker

Vertuo Creatista coffee maker,
$749 by Nespresso

Le Creuset French press

French press,
$85 by Le Creuset

Canyon Coffee Echo Park T-shirt

Echo Park T-shirt,
$40 by Canyon Coffee

Designing Coffee by Lani Kingston

'Designing Coffee',
$65 by Lani Kingston

Stelton Collar espresso maker

Collar espresso maker,
$117 by Stelton

J Scale Coffee scale

Coffee scale,
$38 by J Scale

Bodum Electric milk frother

Electric milk frother,
$39.99 by Bodum

Monoware Everyday stoneware mug
Monoware Everyday stoneware mug

Everyday stoneware mug,
$79 / $65 (set of four) by Monoware

Sightglass Blueboon instant coffee

Blueboon instant coffee,
$17 (for six servings) by Sightglass


Special Promotion

Gifts for:
Discerning Man

Gearbox MKII Transparent Turntable

MKII transparent turntable,
$545 by Gearbox

Courant Mag:2 Charging Stand

Mag:2 all-in-one
charging stand,
$150 by Courant

Uncrate Supply Christmas Tree Cap

Classic sports car
Christmas tree cap,
$39 by Uncrate Supply

Barbour Tartan Dopp Kit

Tartan Dopp kit,
$100 by Barbour

Nude Glass Whiskey Glasses
Nude Glass Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses,
$70 (for set of four) by Nude Glass

NH36 mechanical
watch movement kit,
$140 by Seiko

Nightwatch Magnifying Apple Watch Dock

Magnifying Apple Watch
dock and alarm clock,
$45 by Nightwatch

Rechargeable hand warmer
and flashlight,
$55 by Zippo

Toyo Painted Steel Storage Box

Painted steel storage box,
$32 by Toyo

Freenote Cloth Yellowstone Jacket
Freenote Cloth Yellowstone Jacket

'Yellowstone' jacket,
$400 by Freenote Cloth

Gerber DoubleDown Folding Machete

DoubleDown folding machete,
$170 by Gerber

Timex Q GMT Chronograph
Timex Q GMT Chronograph

Q GMT chronograph,
$239 by Timex

Smoked cocktail kit,
$80 by Viski

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

Portable fireplace candle,
$65 by D.S. & Durga

Cloudnola Flip Clock

Flip clock,
$125 by Cloudnola

Carbon fiber watch winder,
$300 by Brouk and Co.

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

Stagg pour-over kettle,
$80 by Fellow

Barebones 10-Hour Powerbank
Barebones 10-Hour Powerbank

10-hour powerbank,
$80 by Barebones

Schmidt Bros. Carbon Steak Knife Set

Carbon steak knife set,
$110 (for set of six) by Schmidt Bros.

Gifts for:
Cocktail Enthusiasts

The Bartender Manual by Jim Meehan

'The Bartender Manual',
$22.99 by Jim Meehan

Marcellin Mini charred American oak barrel

Barrel-age your favorite spirit or cocktail. And looks great on a bar, too!

Mini charred
American oak barrel,
$55 by Marcellin

Viski European crystal rocks glasses

European crystal rocks glasses,
$49.99 (for set of four) by Viski

The Refined Spirit Negroni Grazie corduroy cap

“Negroni Grazie” corduroy cap,
$48 / $41.54 by The Refined Spirit

Legacy Hamilton travel bar

Providing cocktail service for four, now available anywhere.

Hamilton travel bar,
$376.05 by Legacy

Cocktail Kingdom 3-Piece stainless steel shaker
Cocktail Kingdom 3-Piece stainless steel shaker

3-Piece stainless steel shaker,
$42.99 by Cocktail Kingdom

Clayton & Crume Monogrammed leather coasters

Monogrammed leather coasters,
$45 by Clayton & Crume

Barfly Japanese style jigger

Japanese style jigger,
$13.80 by Barfly

Barfly Stainless steel cocktail picks

Stainless steel cocktail picks,
$16.99 (for set of 12) by Barfly

Food52 Vintage French Champagne bucket
Food52 Vintage French Champagne bucket

Vintage French Champagne bucket,
$90 at Food52

Daneson Whiskey-infused toothpick set

Whiskey-infused toothpick set,
$27.99 by Daneson

True Cubes Crystal clear ice cube mold

We tested dozens and this one consistently makes glass-clear cubes every time.

Crystal clear
ice cube mold,
$50 / $44.97 by True Cubes

Bormioli Rocco '20s Cocktail coupe
Bormioli Rocco '20s Cocktail coupe

'20s Cocktail coupe,
$45 (for set of four) by Bormioli Rocco

Woodford Reserve Bourbon cherries

Bourbon cherries,
$19.49 by Woodford Reserve

Dram Apothecary Palo Santo cocktail bitters

Palo Santo cocktail bitters,
$19.50 by Dram Apothecary

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Vermouth brined olives

Vermouth brined olives,
$12 by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Pina Barware Hand-cut mixing glass
Pina Barware Hand-cut mixing glass

Hand-cut mixing glass,
$24.99 by Pina Barware

Nose Your Bourbon training kit

Bourbon nosing
training kit,
$69 by Nose Your Bourbon

Queen&Stone Lead-free crystal decanter

Lead-free crystal decanter,
$22.99 by Queen&Stone


Gifts for:

Hamilton Khaki field mechanical watch
Hamilton Khaki field mechanical watch

Khaki field mechanical watch,
$675 by Hamilton

New Balance Made in USA 990v4 sneaker
New Balance Made in USA 990v4 sneaker

Made in USA 990v4 sneaker,
$209.99 by New Balance

Tennessee Peanut Co. Southern honey-roasted peanuts

Southern honey-roasted peanuts,
$22 by Tennessee Peanut Co.

Bronco model kit,
$29.79 by Revell

Japanese blended
whisky from the barrel,
$79.99 by Nikka Whisky

Bose Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones,
$379 / $279 by Bose

DoubleDrive Ratcheting screwdriver

Ratcheting screwdriver,
$19.99 by DoubleDrive

Yeti Rambler travel mug

Rambler travel mug,
$35 by Yeti

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K,
$129 by Apple

Buck Mason French terry sweatshirt
Buck Mason French terry sweatshirt

French terry sweatshirt,
$98 by Buck Mason

Crocs Dylan mule
Crocs Dylan mule

Dylan mule,
$54.99 by Crocs

Ralph Lauren Polo eau de toilette

Polo eau de toilette,
$99 by Ralph Lauren

Indoor practice putting mat,
$94.99 by Moss Boss

WOCKODER All-in-one high-fidelity turntable

high-fidelity turntable,
$250 / $189.99 by WOCKODER

Stubhub gift card,
from $25 by Stubhub

Dad Grass Goodtime Formula CBD gummies
Dad Grass Goodtime Formula CBD gummies

Goodtime Formula CBD gummies,
$42 by Dad Grass


Special Promotion

Gifts for:
Rugged Gentleman

Relwen Windzip jacket
Relwen Windzip jacket

Windzip jacket,
$268 by Relwen

Huckberry gift card

Huckberry gift card,
starting at $25

Huckberry Soft Ribbed Knit Beanie

Soft ribbed knit beanie,
$30 by Huckberry

Giver All-Leather Gloves

All-leather gloves,
$139 by Give'r

Bellroy RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet

leather wallet,
$89 by Bellroy

Whiskey Peaks Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses,
$60 (for 4-set) by Whiskey Peaks

Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boot

Bitflex Chelsea boot,
$250 by Astorflex

Senor Lechuga Joe Rogan Hot Sauce Collection

Joe Rogan
hot sauce collection,
$55 (for 3 bottles)
by Señor Lechuga

Relwen Heritage Trap Unstructured Blazer

Heritage Trap
unstructured blazer,
$378 by Relwen

Case Elegance Military Glass Top Cigar Humidor

Military glass top
cigar humidor,
$300 by Case Elegance

Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

Flannel-lined waxed
Hudson jacket,
$348 by Flint and Tinder

Huckberry x Zodiac Bronze Super Sea Wolf Dive Watch
Huckberry x Zodiac Bronze Super Sea Wolf Dive Watch

Bronze Super Sea Wolf dive watch,
$1,895 by Huckberry x Zodiac

Flint and Tinder Aran Cable-Knit Cardigan

Aran cable-knit cardigan,
$228 by Flint and Tinder

Ooni Wood and Charcoal-Fired Portable Pizza Oven

Wood and charcoal-fired
portable pizza oven,
$799 by Ooni