What Valet. Readers Bought
the Most in October

10 covetable products that made our readers *add to cart* over the past 31 days

What Valet. Readers Bought the Most in October 2020

Each month, there are a lot of products featured on Valet. From high-end splurges and luxurious investment pieces to more affordable, everyday items. Which ones were the most popular with you, the reader? We looked over the data and crunched the numbers. Herewith, the ten pieces our readers clicked on and bought the most over the past 31 days. Do any of these ring a bell?

With its warm and stretchable rib-knit acrylic fabric, the classic Carhartt beanie is going to keep you warm all winter long. ”

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$16.99 at Amazon

The mid-century-inspired mirror is float-mounted like a painted canvas. ”


The ruggedly adaptable overshirt is more than simply a shirt but not quite a jacket. ”

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$89.50 by J.Crew

If you're ready to get out and enjoy some cooler weather with a date or your significant other, you'll want to layer up properly and come prepared. ”


They're made by the same manufacturer that builds slide boards for the U.S. Olympic team, collegiate training programs and professional athletes. ”

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$229 at Brrrn

This 100% Merino wool gaiter from Smartwool is soft, comfortable and a breathable mid-weight material so you won't overheat. ”



Jaxon Lane Rain or Shine SPF Moisturizer

Jaxon Lane's formula—which combines soothing green tea with hydrating vitamin E and hyaluronic acid—is both lightweight and non-greasy. ”

Chew two of these when you feel your stress levels rising and let a wave of chill wash over you. ”


The fabric is made to only get softer as you wear it, allowing the shape to mold to your body as it develops a custom patina. ”

We've selected our favorite New Balance sneakers for this time of year, including some of the classics as well as modern colorways and styles. ”

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$174.99 by New Balance

NOTE: Items featured in this story are independently selected by the editorial team. Purchasing via our links may earn Valet. a portion of the sale, which helps fund our editorial mission.

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