What Valet. Readers Bought
the Most in February

10 covetable products that made our readers *add to cart* over the past 29 days

Most popular products on Valet. in February 2024 Most popular products on Valet. in February 2024

Each month, there are a lot of products featured on Valet. From high-end splurges and luxurious investment pieces to more affordable, everyday items. Which ones were the most popular with you, the reader? We looked over the data and crunched the numbers. Herewith, the ten pieces our readers clicked on and bought the most over the past 29 days. Do any of these ring a bell?

These are what we'd imagine you'd get if you had a scan of your body done for custom underwear. ”

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$14.90 by UNIQLO

'The Real McCoy's, are without a doubt, simply the best classic staple products you can buy. There is just no argument.' ”


This one does it all: hydrates and balances skin, while protecting it from sun damage, without feeling sticky or oily. ”

Transforming your home doesn't always require an overhaul. ”

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$45.99 / $29.99 by Bojim


'We sell some nice double-walled stainless steel mugs that are great for coffee or beer and I really do use them all the time.' ”

We tested a handful, wore 'em and washed 'em and wore them some more, and these are the three that stood out. ”

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$98 / $79.50 by J.Crew


These are actually the boxes that were used to transport gold bullion bars, salvaged from a Dutch bank. ”

Designed with an emphasis on offering the best fit for anyone, it's a classic straight leg, made with regenerative cotton and finished in a range of authentic, worn-in washes. ”

Buck Mason has faithfully recreated a rendition of an early WW2-era military fatigue shirt in a washed cotton herringbone twill. ”

We tried on a bunch, lifted and lunged and then washed (over and over again) to test out which ones were really worth your money. ”

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