Let Loose

Best men's camp collar shirts for 2020

Let Loose

Camp collar shirts are even cooler (but less floral) in 2020

You could say that the camp collar shirt is the unofficial button-up of spring and summer. The slightly boxy, open-neck silhouette feels right at home as the weather warms up. And while the breezy tropical prints of the classic Hawaiian shirt have reigned supreme for the last few seasons—and they're not really going anywhere—the latest batch offers a new take. They're a touch wilder and more graphic, with some louche retro appeal to them. When we're eventually let out of the house again, they'll look cool unbuttoned with shorts or rakishly sophisticated with some wide-leg trousers at work or a wedding. But they're as comfortable as throwing on a T-shirt, so button one up now, pour yourself a cocktail and impress your friends and coworkers when you show up to a Zoom room.


Best Camp Collar
Shirts of 2020

Mr P. Camp Collar Shirt

Mr P., $180

Billy Reid Camp Collar Shirt

Billy Reid, $225 / $111.98

Rhythm Camp Collar Shirt

Rhythm, $65 / $48.98


The camp collar shirt is also referred to as a Cuban, cabana or reverse collar shirt.

Abercrombie & Fitch Camp Collar Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch, $55 / $27.50

Topman Camp Collar Shirt

Topman, $45

Bonobos Camp Collar Shirt

Bonobos, $88 / $68

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