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The hardwearing nylon pairs you’ll be wearing all summer

Best men's nylon shorts

Summer’s here. And that means shorts. Even if you're planning on spending more time indoors this season, swap your standard sweats for a pair of nylon hiking shorts. Baggies—the breezy camp shorts made from fast-drying techy fabrics that were first popularized by Patagonia—have emerged as the stylish dude's pick of shorts. Maybe because they inexplicably pair with everything from simple T-shirts to bold patterned button-downs. As easy as gym shorts but a whole lot more flattering in a relaxed, slightly shorter cut. They're performance-minded, yes, but work just as easily on a casual walk around the neighborhood as they do on hikes, runs or a dip in the lake. Grab a pair for their durability, multi-functionality and laidback retro outdoor style. Because as far as off-duty summer essentials go, these shorts should be at the top of your list.


The Best Nylon Baggies

Champion nylon shorts

Champion, $55

L.L. Bean nylon shorts

L.L. Bean, $34.95

Filson nylon shorts

Filson, $75

Stussy nylon shorts

Stüssy, $75

RVCA nylon shorts

RVCA, $50


Patagonia launched Baggies in 1982 as lightweight, fast-drying “beach shorts.” Today, they're sewn entirely from recycled nylon.

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