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A signet ring makes a statement

Best signet rings for men

Men’s jewelry has never been more popular. Or more wild, for that matter. In an age where everything goes, there's something to be said for pulling on something classic, cool and understated. A subtle whisper speaks volumes when everyone else is shouting, right? And in terms of a man's accessories, that means sliding on a signet ring.

You're probably familiar with the look of these rings. First devised to imprint an engraved family crest in a wax seal for correspondence, the flat-topped rings then became a marker of wealth and status—favored by both money men and mafia dons.

Thankfully, they're no longer solely reserved for upper crust dandies and back room mob bosses. In 2020, they're an easy way to dip into jewelry and make your daily outfit look and feel a bit more special. Today's coolest versions are sculpted yet minimal. They don't scream. They're tasteful, not flashy. But they will get noticed. So you may want to think about what drew you to the ring you chose—in case someone asks. To help you decide, we've pulled the 10 coolest options to consider.


The Best Men’s
Signet Rings

Reliquary Signet Ring

Reliquary, $900

Miansai Signet Ring

Miansai, $165

Vitaly Signet Ring

Vitaly, $35


You want the size of the signet to be in proportion with your hands. Larger hands suit squared-off or oval shapes, whereas smaller, slimmer hands will be able to carry off round bezels.

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