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A denim shirt will never let you down

Best men's denim shirts in 2021

It’s a humble shirt, really, the denim shirt. It's been around for decades and lived countless lives. That's because it's got a macho vibe but it's also incredibly versatile and adaptable too. Which is likely why we've been seeing the soft cotton shirts everywhere for Fall. They're able to be dressed up and layered under a jacket or flannel suit. The shirt has a subtle grounding effect, balancing out wildly printed or loud plaid pants.

They look right at home with a pair of chinos or corduroys. And, of course, they're equally able to be sported casually, untucked and worn open over a T-shirt, sleeves rolled. Yes, you can even wear them with jeans—the double denim look is a subtle style flex that's easier to pull off than you think.

Simply put, it's a classically handsome wardrobe staple that will never let you down. And you'll find that it keeps coming in handy. The durable indigo shirts make for an ideal travel piece that can be repurposed and worn as a jacket throughout your whole trip. And the best part is that these new denim shirts come in a handful of price points, fits and finishes—from inky blues with button-down collars to more worn-out Western and workwear styles—so you're bound to find one that fits your personal style and budget.


The Best Men’s
Denim Shirts in 2021

Taylor Stitch Washed Denim Western Shirt

Washed denim Western shirt,
$125 by Taylor Stitch

RRL Washed Indgo Workshirt

Washed indigo workshirt,
$265 by RRL

Levis Premium Barstow Denim Shirt

Barstow denim shirt,
$88 by Levi's Premium

Wythe Sun-Faded Indigo Shirt

Sun-faded indigo shirt,
$168 by Wythe

Billy Reid Snap-Button Denim Shirt

Snap-button denim shirt,
$198 by Billy Reid

Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt

Bone button Western shirt,
$158 by Flint and Tinder

J.Crew Mid-Weight Denim Workshirt

Mid-weight denim workshirt,
$89.50 by J.Crew

Portuguese Flannel Denim Button-Down

Denim button-down,
$101 by Portuguese Flannel

Imogene + Willie Earl Selvage Denim Shirt

Earl selvage denim shirt,
$235 by Imogene + Willie

Adsum Premium Denim Button-Down

Premium denim button-down,
$165 by Adsum

Abercrombie & Fitch Relaxed Denim Shirt

Relaxed denim shirt,
$69 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Rivay Japanese Indigo Denim Shirt

[3x1] Japanese indigo denim shirt,
$148 by Rivay

In Good Company

The denim shirt was worn by classic cool guys like Steve McQueen, Dennis Hopper and Marvin Gaye. And it’s worn now by modern dudes like David Beckham, Donald Glover and Rami Malek. If it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for you.

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