It’s as cozy as a sweatshirt, but as breezy as a linen button-down. As we transition into dressing more for public settings, take your easygoing summer fits to the next level by introducing a knit polo into your wardrobe. There's something really cool about these soft styles, knit from cotton, linen or lightweight wool yarn—they automatically make you look more relaxed and, well, sexy. They give you an immediate rich looking, throwback vibe. Decidedly more dressy than the standard, boring cotton pique polos, these shirts have a luxe, worldly air to them. Wear them with everything from chinos and shorts to a pair of equally right-now pleated trousers. And if you don't want to wear a tie with your lightweight suit, these look particularly chill under a jacket. In short, they're as easy to pull on as your everyday T-shirt, but with their retro collars and soothing textures, they make for a one-step move to nail sophisticated warm weather style.