The Casual Carryall You’ll Use All Summer

The Casual Carryall You’ll Use All Summer

The best tote bags to stow all your summer essentials

Best men's summer tote bags in 2021

We got used to carrying a bag around during the pandemic. There were just too many essentials to pocket—we had our water bottles, our hand sanitizer and often a pack of alcohol wipes as well. Add to that the requisite sunglasses, sunscreen and portable speakers that come along with summer, a sturdy tote is all but required. Because on a hot day, when the sun is blazing, a backpack—convenient though it may be—will only leave you with a sweaty back.

The best totes are like a vintage Land Cruiser: utilitarian yet good looking with plenty of storage space. It's something you can rely on, which is a comforting thought in complicated times. And while you no doubt have a few freebie totes laying around the house, the ones here are built for the long haul. They'll hold everything you've got, no matter where you're headed over the next few months.


Best Summer Totes
in 2021

Saturdays NYC Draper Beach Tote

Neoprene inner pocket keeps wet items separate and the mesh bottom ensures sand can’t collect in the bottom

Draper beach tote,
$185 by Saturdays NYC

L.L. Bean Everyday Lightweight Tote

Everyday lightweight tote,
$29.95 by L.L. Bean

Corridor Snap Subway Commuter Tote

Snap subway commuter tote,
$135 by Corridor

Nylon sport tote,
$175 / $99.99 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Stussy Canvas Tote

Canvas tote,
$40 by Stüssy

Wooden Sleepers x J.Crew Us-Made Canvas Tote

US-made canvas tote,
$60 by Wooden Sleepers x J.Crew

Training tote,
$38 by NOAH

Battenwear Packable Tote

Packable tote,
$55 by Battenwear

Topo Designs Cinch Tote

Cinch tote,
$59 by Topo Designs

Jacquard tote,
$145 by Engineered Garments

Carhartt WIP Wavy State Tote

Wavy state tote,
$45 by Carhartt WIP

Patagonia Market Tote

Market tote,
$29 by Patagonia

Standard Issue East West tote,
$185 by Billykirk

NPR Canvas Tote

Canvas tote,
$15 by NPR

Rowing Blazers Canvas Tote

Canvas tote,
$25 by Rowing Blazers

Packable nylon tote,
$90 by WTAPS


Nearly all of these are washable. Don’t forget to toss your tote into the washing machine every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and clean.

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