Maybe it’s the transitional weather. Perhaps it's because they're just a little bit different. In any case, we've been hunting for the perfect pocket T-shirt lately. Much like their simpler, pocketless brothers, these tees are an essential part of your warm weather wardrobe. The pockets come in a variety of shapes and styles, but one wonders if they're really meant to be used. While pockets have long been added to clothing, the pocket tee didn't really take off until the late '50s and '60s. After James Dean stepped onto the screen wearing a plain white T-shirt with a pocket in Rebel Without a Cause, they suddenly started showing up all over America. People discovered they made a convenient spot to store cigarettes, pens and other small items like business cards. So who makes the best ones? We tried on countless styles and have assembled a grouping of the best, in a range of styles and price points.