Let Your
Denim Breathe

Best men's lightweight jeans in 2022
Best men's lightweight jeans in 2022

Let Your Denim Breathe

Jeans to keep you cool all summer long

Summer can be notoriously tough for denim lovers. I'm not opposed to wearing shorts, but I will always reach for a nice pair of jeans when I can. I know you might be thinking that it's best to put them on ice until early fall, but you can wear jeans year-round ... if they're the right weight, fit and wash.

One piece of advice is to look for a pair of straight-fit or relaxed-fitting jeans. It's not that we don't endorse skinny or ill-fitting pants, but you have to let the boys breathe a bit—air circulation is key in this situation. If you're a denim head and only wear selvedge, here's some great news: You can wear pre-washed selvedge jeans just to give you a lighter weight and to help prevent some major sweat down in your undercarriage.

Denim comes in all colors these days and a nice white or cream-colored pair of jeans will look particularly sharp with some khaki tones. Think your morning latte for inspiration. Stonewashed jeans are the ideal weight for summertime. Brands like 3Sixteen, RRL and Abercrombie have nailed down the wash to give you that vintage comfort from your first wear. Also, the sun is out, so don't be afraid to have some fun. A nice painter's pants or pinstripe jeans look great, especially in a two-toned indigo colorway like the pair below from Noah. Here, we've pulled together some of our current favorite light-washed denim items. Take your pick.


Best Men’s Summer
Denim Styles in 2022

imogene + willie Barton Slim Ojai Jean
imogene + willie Barton Slim Ojai Jean

Barton slim Ojai jean,
$235 by imogene + willie

A Kind of Guise Terek Jean

Terek jean,
$247 by A Kind of Guise

orSlow 107 Ivy Jean

107 Ivy jean,
$208 by orSlow

Mother Denim Chaser Jean

Chaser jean,
$248 by Mother Denim

Buck Mason Japanese Selvedge Full Saddle Jean

Japanese selvedge full saddle jean,
$175 by Buck Mason

45R Monpetit Denim Cotton 908 Yoppan Jean
45R Monpetit Denim Cotton 908 Yoppan Jean

Monpetit denim cotton 908 yoppan jean,
$508 by 45R


cottle C.T.L Comfort Linen Denim Cargo Pant
cottle C.T.L Comfort Linen Denim Cargo Pant

C.T.L comfort linen denim cargo pant,
$418 by cottle

Wythe New York Indigo Denim Chino Pant

Indigo denim chino pant,
$238 by Wythe New York

3Sixteen CS-100xs Jean

CS-100xs jean,
$265 by 3Sixteen

Drakes Ecru Selvedge Denim Five-Pocket Jean

Ecru selvedge denim
five-pocket jean,
$395 by Drake's

Aime Leon Dore Straight-Fit Jean

Straight-fit jean,
$225 by Aimé Leon Dore

Stan Ray OG Painter Pant
Stan Ray OG Painter Pant

OG painter pant,
$101 by Stan Ray

Noah Pinstripe 5-Pocket Jean
Noah Pinstripe 5-Pocket Jean

Pinstripe 5-pocket jean,
$268 by Noah

J.Crew Classic Straight-Fit Five-Year Wash Jean

Classic straight-fit
five-year wash jean,
$128 / $64.50 by J.Crew

RRL Slim-Fit Whitestone Jean

Slim-fit whitestone jean,
$195 by RRL


Levi 1980s 501 Jean

1980's 501 jean,
$168 by Levi's

Carhartt WIP Vicious Pant

Vicious pant,
$125 by Carhartt WIP

Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Loose Jean
Abercrombie & Fitch 90s Loose Jean

'90s loose jean,
$79 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Todd Snyder Relaxed-Fit Made in the USA Selvedge Jean

Relaxed-fit Made in
the USA selvedge jean,
$298 by Todd Snyder

YMC Tearaway Jean

Tearaway jean,
$169 by YMC

When to wear
white pants

When to wear
white pants

It’s always been a rule to wear white pants or jeans from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but we’re here to tell you that rule doesn’t matter. Don’t put your white pants away come wintertime—they’re ready for any season!

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