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The best gear and attire blooming in 2021

Best new men's golf gear and attire in 2021 Best new men's golf gear and attire in 2021

You can channel Hideki Matsuyama's winning stripes with the Evolution polo, $88 at Lululemon.

The 2021 Masters, only five months removed from the major's first fall iteration, was a welcome return to normalcy. “Hello, friends” greeted us on TV, patrons returned to Augusta's hills, and the Golden Bells behind the twelfth hole bloomed once again, providing the picturesque backdrop for one of the most famous holes in the world.

Golf is back—in more ways than one—giving us weekend hackers a glimpse of optimism after months of alternating between hibernating and quarantining. reports that 2020 saw a record number of rounds, as Americans teed it up 20% more than they did in the previous year. But that begs the question, will the boom keep going, like a Bryson drive, or will our golf affair be short-lived? With “normal” on the horizon, will we still browse tee times while working from home, or will our new clubs start gathering dust?

Some of us hit enough good shots in 2020 to keep our dreams of the Champions Tour alive. That motivation, combined with enough time away from a fairway can lead to a flurry of online shopping before our first round of the season. Sam Snead said, “Nobody asked how you looked, just what you shot.” But, if your wardrobe inspires a little bit of confidence, what's the harm right?

Watching professional golfers gives us an undeserving bout of self-assurance. We feel we can mimic their tempo from our couches, or sink 12-footers with ease. The shot-tracer that's been drawing a straight line on our television all week is what our ball flight looks like too, right?

Easier said than done, and there's a reason we're not traveling the world getting paid to throw logos on our polos and hats. Fortunately, there is plenty of new gear that's designed to help us look the part of a card-carrying pro—even when our weekends boast more gimmes than birdies. And while the Saddle shoes of yesteryear may be making a comeback there's plenty of new golf attire and accessories to keep you looking cleaner than an Augusta National fairway as we welcome in the new season.


Your New Golf Gear
in 2021

Sweater Vest

It'll still be chilly during those morning rounds, so layer up while you have the opportunity. Two iconic brands have paired up for a modern collaboration that looks like it was pulled from Shell's 'Wonderful World of Golf.' It's also available in navy.

Cardigan sweater vest,
$145 by Todd Snyder x Foot Joy

Performance Polo

Justin Rose's Saturday shirt made his even-par 72 look effortless (something we're not familiar with). But the Bahamas resident knows how to look relaxed on the course, even when the pressure is on.

Justin Rose performance polo,
$89 by Bonobos

Golf Shoes

When you're standing over the first knee-knocker of the season the last thing you want is to be distracted by old scuffed-up shoes. Upgrade to Nike's tour model that's outfitting some of the world's top golfers.

Infinity Tour shoes,
$160 by Nike

Alignment Sticks

The backswing may be unpolished, but this training tool is cool enough to keep you from rushing to the first tee. There's a reason every pro has alignment sticks in their bag and it's no fun to mutter “where was I aiming?” after missing another green.

Hickory alignment sticks,
$70 by TRENDYGOLF x BubbWhips

Snapback Cap

Rickie Folwer partnered with buddy KYGO's Palm Tree Crew lifestyle brand for a vintage-inspired rope hat that looks as natural in a bunker as it does on an actual beach.

Retro cap,
$35 by Puma x KYGO

Leather Pouch

Don't show up asking to borrow a tee or penny. Upgrade the “junk drawer” of your bag into something your foursome will envy by collecting your Sharpies, coins and beer money in something you won't find in just any pro shop.

Leather MacBaggins pouch,
$99 by MacKenzie

Wooden Putting Goal

Golf is about patience and practice, and there are a million ways to practice in the comfort of your own home. So on the days when you can't make it outdoors, this 100% walnut putting goal is a sleek home object specifically designed to get your swings in.

Walnut putting goal,
$60 by Whim

ACL Golf

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