Your Most
Practical Pants

Best men's cargo pants in 2022

Your Most Practical Pants

Cargos are cool again and remain as stylish as they are useful

The ultimate military-inspired pants are back. Of course, they never really left. Since last season, we've started seeing wider more relaxed silhouettes, and this year even more brands are embracing the trend. Until recently, cargo pants didn't occupy much room in my closet, but I've come to appreciate their comfort and utility. Recently, I picked up a pair, cut from ripstop fabric that also have the cinch option towards the ankle. For me, they are perfect. I style them the same as I would chinos—denim shirt, maybe a grey hoodie, and I'll even cinch at the ankle with a boot like these.

One catalyst that helped bring back cargo pants is the workwear revival that keeps picking up steam. Another reason this type of pant is “it” right now is the second-hand shopping trend. Plus, designers have always found inspiration from utilitarian military pieces that are made to stand the test of time. These items always look better with more wear—case in point, cargo pants.

While there have been many iterations with updated silhouettes, we find that sticking with a straight or relaxed-fit with your cargos will give you the most authentic feel. Also, look for a pant that has a high rise, hefty fabric and spacious pockets. Fabrics like herringbone, ripstop and a heavy twill are perfect to wear for pretty much all seasons. We've rounded up a few that can be worn now or in the dead of winter. Take your pick.


The Best Men’s
Cargo Pants in 2022

Norse Projects Lukas Ripstop Cargo Pant

Lukas ripstop cargo pant,
$255 by Norse Projects

Carhartt WIP Regular Cargo Pant

Regular cargo pant,
$165 / $83 by Carhartt WIP

Stussy Surplus Cargo Pant

Surplus cargo pant,
$160 by Stüssy

3Sixteen Cinch Cargo Pant
3Sixteen Cinch Cargo Pant

Cinch cargo pant,
$240 / $185 by 3Sixteen

Pilgrim Surf + Supply Loose-Fit Cargo Pant

Loose-fit cargo pant,
$205 by Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Our Legacy Trekking Caro Pant

Trekking cargo pant,
$365 by Our Legacy

Saturdays NYC Bosewell Cargo Pant

Bosewell cargo pant,
$235 by Saturdays NYC


RRL Herringbone Twill Cargo Pant

Herringbone twill cargo pant,
$295 by RRL

Buck Mason Stone Twill Cargo Pant

Stone twill cargo pant,
$145 by Buck Mason

Nigel Cabourn Dutch Cargo Pant

Dutch cargo pant,
$381 by Nigel Cabourn

Reese Cooper Cargo Pant
Reese Cooper Cargo Pant

Cargo pant,
$332 / $187 by Reese Cooper

Todd Snyder Italian Herringbone Cargo Pant

Italian herringbone cargo pant,
$268 / $144 by Todd Snyder

Nanamica Cordura Cargo Pant

Cordura cargo pant,
$370 by Nanamica

General Admission Rat Rock Cargo Pant

Rat rock cargo pant,
$140 by General Admission


Abercrombie & Fitch Summer-Weight Loose Utility Pant

Summer-weight loose utility pant,
$80 by Abercrombie & Fitch

45R Two-Ply Cotton Cargo Pant

Two-ply cotton cargo pant,
$508 by 45R

orSlow Cotton Ripstop Cargo Pant

Cotton ripstop cargo pant,
$250 by orSlow

Rothco Relaxed-Fit Cargo Pant
Rothco Relaxed-Fit Cargo Pant

Relaxed-fit cargo pant,
$59 by Rothco


The “paratrooper pants” were created around a straightforward equation: Easily-accessible pocket space meant more items could be carried. Hence, the “cargo” nickname. After WWII, the dual pocket cargo pants became a standard issue for almost all U.S. military.

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