An Old School Pant That Suddenly Feels Fresh

An Old School Pant That Suddenly Feels Fresh

Rethink your chinos
to clean up your look

Best men's chino pants in 2022

The chino pant is a utilitarian classic that guys have been relying on since World War II. So there's no doubt that you already own several pairs. But here's the thing about timeless staples: They still need to be updated now and then. Colors are easy to come by, but maybe you're on the fence about what fit to try on.

After a decade of slim, trim fits, our team is now loving a relaxed or straight fit in a flat front, single pleat, or even a double pleat. They're a lot more comfortable and look a whole lot more modern too. The beauty of these reliable twill trousers is that they can be worn year-round and never look out of place. Need a pant for the office, date night, vacation or a summer wedding? Your new trusty chinos will do the trick. They're the epitome of “business casual”, and look great in any color. Some styling tips to go with this wardrobe staple are to wear them with a well-patinaed denim shirt, crisp oxfords or a nice featherweight cardigan. We've rounded up some of our current favorites and know that which ever fit, color, or style you choose, they'll quickly become your go-to pants for the season.


The Best Men’s
Chinos in 2022

Alex Mill Standard Pleated Chino Pant

Standard pleated chino pant,
$135 by Alex Mill

RRL Chino Pant

Chino pant,
$240 by RRL

Noah Twill Double-Pleat Chino Pant

Twill double-pleat chino pant,
$228 by Noah

Aime Leon Dore Core Chino Pant

Core chino pant,
$225 by Aimé Leon Dore

Norse Projects Anderson Chino Pant

Anderson chino pant,
$255 by Norse Projects

nanamica Wide Chino Pant

Wide chino pant,
$280 by nanamica

J.Crew Classic Relaxed-Fit Chino Pant

Classic relaxed-fit chino pant,
$89.50 by J.Crew

Knickerbocker Twill Flat-Front Chino Pant

Twill flat-front chino pant,
$195 by Knickerbocker

Carhartt WIP Master Chino Pant

Master chino pant,
$115 by Carhartt WIP

Glenns Denim GD412 Work Pant

GD412 work pant,
$215 by Glenn's Denim

Buck Mason Japanese Cotton-Sateen Office Pant

Japanese cotton-sateen officer pant,
$150 by Buck Mason

General Admission Pleated Chino Pant

Pleated chino pant,
$150 by General Admission

Outerknown Organic Cotton Twill Chino Pant

Organic cotton twill chino pant,
$135 by Outerknown

Dockers x Transnomadica Original Khaki Chino Pant

Original khaki chino pant,
$180 by Dockers x Transnomadica

Gap Vintage Pleated Chino Pant

Vintage pleated chino pant,
$59.95 / $47 by Gap

visvim Chino Pant

Chino pant,
$690 by visvim

Nigel Cabourn Pleated Chino Ripstop Pant

Pleated chino ripstop pant,
$171 by Nigel Cabourn

Todd Snyder Japanese Relaxed-Fit Chino Pant

Japanese relaxed-fit chino pant,
$248 Todd Snyder

Wythe Cotton-Linen Chino Pant

Cotton-linen chino pant,
$188 by Wythe

Pilgrim Surf + Supply Yasu Wide Trouser

Yasu wide trouser,
$265 by Pilgrim Surf + Supply


Machine wash your chinos and other casual cotton pants in a cold or warm wash cycle with your regular laundry. Then tumble dry completely or (to prevent shrinkage and wrinkles) take them out after 15 minutes and hang them to finish drying.

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