The Sunglasses Men Want to Wear in 2022

The Sunglasses Men Want to Wear in 2022

From budget-friendly styles to splurge-worthy frames

Best men's sunglasses in 2022

Sunglasses are worn year-round, but we’re entering into their prime season: Baseball games, cookouts and other outdoor adventures both near and far. Personally, I only buy mid-ranged priced shades because I haven't found the right pair yet or maybe I'm afraid of losing them. But, I'm told there's another type. One that's responsible enough to invest in a pair and actually keep them—sometimes for years. So we decided to look at it from a lens (pun intended) of investment-worthy versus budget-friendly to help you decide what's best for you.

There are a few reasons to splurge on this warm-weather accessory—like UV protection, durability, premium materials and timeless design. Protecting your eyes should be the number one incentive when selecting shades because less expensive ones may not provide the safety you're looking for. They typically don't have the capability of absorbing the UV rays because there's a thin coating of tint compared to a pair that may be heavier on the wallet.

If you're looking for shades to stay on trend or to simply stock up without shelling out, you should grab some affordable versions. Are you the forgetful type—repeatedly misplacing things? Cost effective sunglasses to the rescue! You can easily justify storing a pair of reasonably priced eyewear in your car, gym bag, office or kitchen.

The right pair of sunglasses is not only important to protect your eyes, but can also upgrade your style. Don't be afraid to try a new pair with a nice print, new shape or some transitional lenses that you won't have to take off (hack for not losing). Whether you're looking to invest in a pair or keep it at or under a hundred bucks, we've rounded up your best buys.


The Best Men’s
Sunglasses in 2022

Investment Options

Randolph Skytec AGX sunglasses

Skytec AGX,
$369 by Randolph

Retrosuperfuture USA Modo sunglasses

Modo, $203 by Retrosuperfuture USA

Garrett Leight Broadway Sun sunglasses

Broadway sun,
$385 by Garrett Leight

Oliver Peoples Remick sunglasses

Remick, $458 by Oliver Peoples

Moscot Greps Sun sunglasses

Greps sun,
$320 by Moscot

Persol 649 Original sunglasses

649 Original,
$310 by Persol

Akila Theory sunglasses

Theory, $120 by Akila

Rose & Co A3 sunglasses

A3, $335 by Rose & Co

A Kind of Guise Acapulco sunglasses

Acapulco, $215 by A Kind of Guise

Ray-Ban Wayfarer II Classic sunglasses

Wayfarer II classic,
$213 by Ray-Ban


Affordable Options

Warby Parker Taye sunglasses

Taye, $95 by Warby Parker

Prive Revaux Maestro sunglasses

Maestro, $40 by Privé Revaux

Colorful Standard 02 sunglasses

Sunglass 02,
$105 by Colorful Standard

Madewell Danford sunglasses

Danford, $58 by Madewell

MVMT Trap sunglasses

Trap, $88 by MVMT

J!NS Hayne sunglasses

Hayne, $60 by J!NS

RAEN Bastien sunglasses

Bastien, $194.95 / $77.95 by RAEN

H&M Polarized All-Black sunglasses

Polarized all-black frames,
$17.99 by H&M

Aire Keyhole Magnetic sunglasses

Keyhole magnetic,
$39 by Aire

Sunski Copper Forrest sunglasses

Copper forrest,
$98 by Sunski

A Place to Rest
Your “Eyes”

After a long day in the sun, store your sunglasses on here. A cast brass pedestal keeps your shades from being fumbled, scratched or misplaced.

Eyewear stand,
$68 by Craighill

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