Spring’s Most
Valuable Garment

Best men's knit polos in 2022

Spring’s Most Valuable Garment

The knit polo is a timeless style that instantly upgrades your look

There are two great style staples that should be in everyone's closets—a sweater and a polo. What if they combined forces? Match made in heaven, right? The knit polo looks good on just about everyone, much like the oxford. As we start to engage in more outdoor gatherings, you need something that can breathe throughout the day and keep you cozy at night.

The sweater polo comes in various fabrics like bouclé, cashmere, cotton and silk. If the fabrics don't get you excited, then the prints and patterns will. From cable-knit to ribbed and jacquard, there's no shortage of styles when it comes to this all-season garment and they've all got a mid-century swagger about them.

And here's the real kicker: The styles come in very flattering fits that accentuate your upper body—specifically your chest and biceps, which doesn't get talked about enough. The versatility should not go unspoken either. These are perfect to wear under a denim jacket or a suit since wedding season is approaching. Wear them to work and on the weekend. Here, we've pulled together some of our current favorites. Whichever one you pick, we promise it won't sit in your closet for long.


The Best Men’s
Knit Polos in 2022

Sandro Knitted Polo

Knitted polo,
$265 by Sandro

Express Birdseye Print Knit Polo

Birdseye print knit polo,
$70 by Express

Buck Mason Avalon Knit Polo
Buck Mason Avalon Knit Polo

Avalon knit polo,
$95 by Buck Mason

Knickerbocker Garden Polo

Garden polo,
$180 by Knickerbocker

Todd Snyder Cotton-Silk Full Placket Polo

Cotton-silk full placket polo,
$228 by Todd Snyder

Abercrombie & Fitch Textured Stitch Sweater Polo

Textured stitch sweater polo,
$49 / $36.75 by Abercrombie & Fitch

A Kind of Guise Ferrini Knit Polo

Ferrini knit polo,
$305 by A Kind of Guise

Mr. P Honeycomb-Knit Organic Cotton Polo
Mr. P Honeycomb-Knit Organic Cotton Polo

Honeycomb-knit organic cotton polo,
$240 by Mr. P

Corridor Knit Slouchy Polo
Corridor Knit Slouchy Polo

Knit slouchy polo,
$195 by Corridor

Malbon Golf Clubhouse Cable Knit Polo

Clubhouse cable knit polo,
$180 by Malbon Golf

John Smedley Adrian Polo

Adrian polo,
$260 by John Smedley

A.P.C. Jude Polo

Jude polo,
$235 by A.P.C.

Tricot Recycled Cashmere-Cotton Polo

Recycled cashmere-cotton polo,
$169 by Tricot

Casablanca Logo-Embroidered Knit Polo
Casablanca Logo-Embroidered Knit Polo

Logo-embroidered knitted polo,
$459 by Casablanca

Stussy Classic SS Polo Sweater
Stussy Classic SS Polo Sweater

Classic SS polo sweater,
$125 by Stüssy

Naadam Fancy Cashmere Short-Sleeve Polo

Fancy cashmere
short-sleeve polo,
$135 by Naadam

J.Crew Cardigan Polo

Cardigan polo,
$79.50 by J.Crew

Fursac Cotton-Cashmere Polo

Cotton-cashmere polo,
$200 by Fursac

Zara Crochet Knit Polo

Crochet knit polo,
$69.90 by Zara

Banana Republic Solare Sweater Polo
Banana Republic Solare Sweater Polo

Solare sweater polo,
$90 by Banana Republic

How do I care
for my knit polo?

How do I
care for my
knit polo?

Wash on cold with a low spin cycle. Be sure to hang dry on a rack and not on a hanger—you don’t want the garment to stretch. Once you’re ready to wear, iron on the lowest setting or use a steamer.

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