Laid Back
in Linen

Laid Back
in Linen

Summer’s most forgivable fabric

Best men's linen clothing in 2022

Summer is right around the corner. Literally we're less than a month away from the official start, but really, after Memorial Day we're calling it summer. And while cotton is easygoing and soft, it's not always the most breathable and forgiving material whenever the temps are too hot to handle. You need something breezy—a material that's light enough to absorb and help evaporate sweat while still keeping you cool.

Linen has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most useful textiles that can be worn, even today. It's undoubtedly the most sustainable fabric and is 100% biodegradable (producing zero waste while helping to create a more environmentally-friendly footprint). The flax fiber's low thread count (a good cotton starts at around 200, while linen's count hovers between 80 and 150) makes it feel almost porous, which is why it's so well adapted to warm climates.

Of course, a lot of men have a love/hate relationship with linen. For some, it's a tad too “flowy,” and yes, the crease-prone fabric almost always looks wrinkled. But the fabric's reliability in the heat is undeniable. And surprisingly, the airy fabric is more resistant to wear than cotton. Thankfully, the linen sartorial universe has expanded over the past few years, so these aren't your grandad's vacation clothes.

The key to styling it is to purchase pieces in relaxed silhouettes—maybe even size up a shirt to give off an extra breeze. And just because the weather is getting warmer, that doesn't mean you have to trade in your pants or shirts. There are relaxed pants with an airy weave that breathe easily or button-downs that make for light layers (or do just fine on their own, with the sleeves rolled). Our picks range from elegant to vacation-ready and everything in between. Grab some linen and catch some rays.


Best Men’s Linen
Styles in 2022

Alex Mill Pull Linen Short

Pull linen short,
$120 by Alex Mill

Todd Snyder Block Print Linen Camp Collar Shirt

Block print linen camp collar shirt,
$158 by Todd Snyder

imogene + willie Lounge Linen Pant
imogene + willie Lounge Linen Pant

Lounge linen pant,
$150 by imogene + willie

Gitman Vintage Chambray Line Shirt

Chambray linen shirt,
$195 by Gitman Vintage

KAPITAL Wabash Dye Linen Aloha Shirt

Wabash dye linen aloha shirt,
$316 by KAPITAL

Beams Plus B.D. Linen 1/40 Shirt

B.D. linen 1/40 shirt,
$177 by Beams Plus


Buck Mason Loomed Linen Fatigue Pant
Buck Mason Loomed Linen Fatigue Pant

Loomed linen fatigue pant,
$145 by Buck Mason

American Trench Linen Chambray Ball Cap

Linen chambray ball cap,
$48 by American Trench

MUJI French Linen Camp Collar Shirt

French linen camp collar shirt,
$29.90 by MUJI

UNIQLO Premium Linen Shirt

Premium linen shirt,
$39.90 by UNIQLO

Universal Works Ashville Linen Jacket

Ashville linen jacket,
$292 by Universal Works

Jungmaven Ridge Linen Shirt

Ridge linen shirt,
$180 by Jungmaven

Alex Crane Bo Linen Short

Bo linen short,
$78 by Alex Crane

Nordstrom Johnny Collar Linen Polo

Johnny collar linen polo,
$69.50 by Nordstrom

Schnaydermans Soft Tailored Linen Blazer
Schnaydermans Soft Tailored Linen Blazer

Soft tailored linen blazer,
$396.41 by Schnayderman’s


Aime Leon Dore Linen Leisure Pant

Linen leisure pant,
$245 by Aimé Leon Dore

Onia Linen Tee

Linen tee,
$55 by Onia

Wythe New York Cotton-Linen Slub Chino Pant

Cotton-linen slub chino pant,
$188 by Wythe New York

Everlane Linen Camp Shirt

Linen camp shirt,
$70 by Everlane

J.Crew Garment-Dyed Irish Linen Shirt

Garment-dyed Irish linen shirt,
$89.50 by J.Crew

When was
linen invented?

When was
linen invented?

According to The Thread, linen clothing dates as far back as 6000 BCE. It was the Babylonians who started weaving flax and are credited as the first people to start the linen trade.

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