Wear This Over Everything

Best men's overshirts in 2022

Wear This Over Everything

The shirt jacket is the perfect between-season layer

Whatever you call it—an overshirt, shirt jacket or shacket—now is its time to shine. I don't want it to seem like I'm rushing the season, I know we are approaching fall but it's still plenty warm out. However, between now and the arrival of true autumn weather, we exist in the sweet spot for lightweight outerwear. You know, that annoying phase of cool mornings, blazing hot sun throughout the day, followed by an evening chill. Embrace the shirt jacket and you'll set all day.

Because the temperatures fluctuate so much this time of year, you want something that can be light enough to throw over anything yet substantial enough to provide some actual insulation. I'm always cold, so I've got an overshirt with me year-round, and I'll pull it on with my chinos, or some jeans and a T-shirt, and even with my shorts. It's meant to be the “just in case” piece you throw on if there's the slightest chill. Plus, it has a unique way of finishing any outfit.

There are tons of affordable and investment-worthy overshirts in range of weights, fits and fabrics. You need to decide how cool or warm you run personally, to decide which one would suit you best. We've rounded up some stylish options that can keep you warm and looking cool while in the office or layered for those evening strolls.


The Best Men’s
Overshirts in 2022

Percival Twill Overshirt

Twill overshirt,
$210 / $105 by Percival

Alex Mill Field Shirt Jacket

Field shirt jacket,
$175 by Alex Mill

Universal Works Treck Shirt

Treck shirt,
$128 by Universal Works

Jungmaven Topanga Shirt

Topanga shirt,
$211 by Jungmaven

Knickerbocker Pines Twill Shirt

Pines twill shirt,
$250 by Knickerbocker

Buck Mason Felted Field Shirt
Buck Mason Felted Field Shirt

Felted field shirt,
$228 by Buck Mason

Norse Projects Knit Textured Overshirt

Knit textured overshirt,
$220 by Norse Projects

Todd Snyder Japanese Chambray Overshirt

Japanese chambray overshirt,
$198 by Todd Snyder

imogene + willie Military Shirt Jacket

Military shirt jacket,
$275 by imogene + willie


MOTHER Freeze Shirt

Freeze shirt,
$275 by MOTHER

Taylor Stitch Breaker Overshirt

Breaker overshirt,
$188 by Taylor Stitch

Alex Crane kite Jacket

Kite jacket,
$195 by Alex Crane

Corridor Indigo-Dyed Linen/Cotton-Blend Overshirt

Indigo-dyed linen/cotton-blend overshirt,
$265 by Corridor

Carhartt WIP Garment-Dyed Shirt Jacket

Garment-dyed shirt jacket,
$208 / $104 by Carhartt WIP

Abercrombie & Fitch Corduroy Shirt Jacket

Corduroy shirt jacket,
$80 / $64 by Abercrombie & Fitch


ARKET Twill Overshirt

Twill overshirt,
$129 by ARKET

Stan Ray CPO Shirt

CPO shirt,
$117 by Stan Ray

UNIQLO Over Shirt Jacket
UNIQLO Over Shirt Jacket

Over shirt jacket,
$79.90 by UNIQLO

Everlane Heavyweight Overshirt

Heavyweight overshirt,
$98 by Everlane

COS Relaxed-Fit Denim Overshirt

Relaxed-fit denim overshirt,
$135 by COS

Loosen It Up

Fresh from the store, some of these jackets can been a little stiff. Check the care label, but many of the cotton shirts are machine-washable, so throw them in with your laundry and then let them hang dry to soften up.

Stay in
the Shade

MVMT Trap Sunglasses

Trap sunglasses,
$108 by MVMT

Although summer is dwindling down, you still need a pair of shades. This pair provides 100% UV protection and comes in a nice thick black frame—they will look great with any outfit.

Trap sunglasses,
$108 by MVMT

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