There’s No Wrong Way to Wear an Oxford

Blamo's Jeremy Kirkland in a vintage Brooks Brothers oxford.

There’s No Wrong Way to Wear an Oxford

The shirt that looks
good on everyone

Blamo's Jeremy Kirkland knows how to dress down his vintage Brooks Brothers' oxford.

Every man should own an oxford cloth button-down. And at one time, every man did. The “OCBD” is a timeless wardrobe staple, that's never fallen out of fashion but is certainly enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. This essential woven shirt should be the first item every man should buy whenever they're revamping their wardrobe or looking to cover their bases for a classically cool outfit. Although the shirt derived from an Ivy League university, it democratizes style like no other garment.

The anatomy of the OCBD is the ultimate chef's kiss where function meets style: the chest pocket is for small belongings, the soft rolls of the button-down collar are for added sharpness and the cuff and gauntlet are to adjust your sleeve length. Where once your choices were blue or white, the shirts now come in a range of colors from saturated, garment-dyed hues, to subtle shades and patterns.

Of course, like so many things in menswear today, the real secret is in the fit. Maybe you'll tuck this into a proper pair of trousers or layer it under a sweater with some relaxed work pants on date night. You could just throw it on over a simple T-shirt and sport it with washed and worn jeans—feel free to leave the collar unbuttoned. This is a shirt that will never let you down. Just a few tips: look for a substantial collar that will hold its shape and the sleeve-length should be meeting at your wrist. Here, we've pulled together some of our current favorite oxfords. Whichever one you go with, we guarantee you'll look handsome.


Best Men’s
Oxford Shirts in 2022

JJJJound Heavyweight Oxford

Heavyweight oxford,
$165 by JJJJound

Gitman Vintage Navy Overdye Oxford

Navy overdye oxford,
$180 by Gitman Vintage

Wythe Oxford Clothing Button-Down

Oxford cloth button-down,
$150 by Wythe

Drakes Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt

Oxford cloth button-down shirt,
$255 by Drake's

Todd Snyder Japanese Selvedge Oxford Button-Down

Japanese selvedge oxford button-down,
$185 by Todd Snyder

Kamakura Shirts Button-Down Pinpoint Oxford

Button-down pinpoint oxford,
$99 by Kamakura Shirts

Ami Striped Cotton Oxford Shirt

Striped cotton oxford shirt,
$280 by Ami

Portuguese Flannel Belavista Striped Black Shirt

Belavista striped black shirt,
$99.63 / $69.74 by Portuguese Flannel

Everlane Uniform Japanese Oxford

Uniform Japanese oxford,
$75 by Everlane

Alex Mill Garment-Dyed Oxford

Garment-dyed oxford,
$125 by Alex Mill

P.Johnson Blue and White Wide Stripe Oxford Shirt

Blue and white wide stripe oxford shirt,
$225 by P.Johnson

NN07 Cotton Oxford Shirt

Cotton oxford shirt,
$145 / $73 by NN07

Thom Browne Slim-Fit Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt

Slim-fit button-down collar cotton oxford shirt,
$450 by Thom Browne

Brooks Brothers Oxford Fun Shirt

Oxford fun shirt,
$98.50 by Brooks Brothers

Ralph Lauren Iconic Oxford Shirt

The iconic oxford shirt,
$98.50 by Ralph Lauren

Norse Projects Osvald Oxford

Osvald oxford,
$175 by Norse Projects

Taylor Stitch Jack Everyday Oxford

Jack everyday oxford,
$98 by Taylor Stitch

ASKET Oxford Shirt

The oxford shirt,
$119 by ASKET

Beams Plus Button-Down Oxford Shirt

Button-down oxford shirt,
$154 by Beams Plus

Colorful Standard Organic Button-Down Shirt

Organic button-down shirt,
$90 by Colorful Standard


In 1896, John E. Brooks (of Brooks Brothers fame) noticed how English polo players pinned their collars down to keep them from flapping up during matches. Inspired, he developed a type of shirt that used buttons to carry out the same task. The result was the oxford shirt as we know it today and the end of the previous practice of men buying their shirts and collars separately.

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