Winter’s Real
Layering MVP

Best men's thermals in 2022 Best men's thermals in 2022

Winter’s Real
Layering MVP

Need added warmth?
Throw on a thermal.

Now that winter is in full effect, it's time to make sure you have a base layer for additional warmth. Spring and summer are all about pocket tees but, during the winter months you need something in a heavier weight like a thermal. The waffled long-sleeve styles are the perfect layering piece, with just the right amount of throwback '90s swagger.

I wear thermals year-round actually; great for lounging around the house, layering under your favorite flannel, and a great in-between to all your heavier (and itchy!) wool-blend knits. Our favorite ones to wear come in a waffle fabric because it's soft on the skin and durable enough to wear on its own. This winter must-have should be bought in bulk just because you'll find yourself wearing them beyond the wintertime (they look great with a nice denim jacket or under a lightweight anorak). After all, here at Valet., we're all about investing in the right pieces so you can have them for more than just one season.


The Best Men’s
Thermals in 2022

RRL Waffle-Knit Crewneck

Waffle-knit crewneck,
$125 by RRL

Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Surplus Tee

Vintage thermal surplus tee,
$65 by Buck Mason

rag & bone Devon Cotton Waffle Henley

Devon cotton waffle henley,
$195 by rag & bone

Abercrombie & Fitch Thermal Long-Sleeve Tee

Thermal long-sleeve tee,
$39 / $27.30 by Abercrombie & Fitch

John Elliot Replica Thermal
John Elliot Replica Thermal

Replica thermal,
$268 by John Elliot

3Sixteen Long-Sleeve Thermal

Long-sleeve thermal,
$70 by 3Sixteen

Imogene + Willie Long-Sleeve Thermal Crewneck

Long-sleeve thermal crewneck,
$125 by Imogene + Willie

Schott NYC Athletic V-Neck Sweater

Athletic v-neck sweater,
$80 by Schott NYC

Fortela Henley Shirt

Henley shirt,
$159.05 by Fortela

Gap Waffle-Knit Tee
Gap Waffle-Knit Tee

Waffle-knit tee,
$34.95 by Gap

Needles Crewneck Long-Sleeve Cotton Thermal Tee

Crewneck long-sleeve cotton thermal tee,
$205 / $123 by Needles

Filson Waffle-Knit Thermal Crewneck

Waffle-knit thermal crewneck,
$85 by Filson

Nanamica Crewneck Long-Sleeve Thermal Tee

Crewneck long-sleeve thermal tee,
$145 by Nanamica

The Real McCoys Military Thermal Tee

Military thermal tee,
$110 by The Real McCoy's

Los Angeles Apparel Long-Sleeve Heavy Thermal Crewneck
Los Angeles Apparel Long-Sleeve Heavy Thermal Crewneck

Long-sleeve heavy thermal crewneck,
$32 by Los Angeles Apparel

L.L. Bean Singature Waffle Crewneck

Signature waffle crewneck,
$79 by L.L. Bean

Lady White Co. Cropped Raglan Thermal

Cropped raglan thermal,
$115 by Lady White Co.

Madewell Thermal Henley Tee

Thermal henley tee,
$68 by Madewell

Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Waffle Crewneck

Heavy bag waffle crewneck,
$78 by Taylor Stitch

Waffle knit illustration


Waffle knit, also known as honeycomb fabric, is woven in small, square grids, which forms the pattern of a breakfast waffle, hence the name. This style of weave makes fabric insulating yet breathable. And more absorbent—which is why it was first used in textured cloths for industrial cleaning.

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