The Best Swimsuits for Any Situation

Best men's swimsuits in 2023 Best men's swimsuits in 2023

The Best
Swimsuits for
Any Situation

From classic trunks to modern board shorts, these are the only suits to consider

Only good things happen in swim shorts, right? Think about it. You're lounging by a pool, floating in the ocean, soaking in a hot tub or hanging out on a boat. These are times when you want to feel like your best self. And that kind of confidence comes from looking your best. Which means you shouldn't settle for just any old pair of trunks. That's why we'll be so bold as to deem a quality pair of swim shorts as a staple of any well-styled man.

Especially in 2023, when a good looking pair of nylon shorts doesn't even require water to be present. These are the same shorts we'll happily pull on with a camp collar shirt, knit polo or even denim work shirt (sleeves rolled, of course) for a buddy's backyard hang. When it comes to what pair is right for you though, well then you've got some thinking to do. Because there are the classic short trunks, the longer, leaner board shorts and the rugged, all-terrain styles—each with their own attributes and strengths. And hey, maybe you'll want one of each, since these are the only three styles you need to concern yourself with, as far as we're concerned.


The Best Men’s
Swimsuits in 2023

The Short,
Retro Trunk

Old school trunks are back, baby. They're bold, they show off your legs and bonus: They make you look taller. How? Well, the throwback square-cut and shorter inseam visually lengthens your legs. Plus, the vintage styling means you can swap these in for your everyday chinos because they'd look great with everything you'd normally wear them with. If you're only planning on getting one pair this season, this is the one we'd suggest.

Zara Stripe Print Trunk
Zara Stripe Print Trunk

Stripe print trunk,
$39.90 by Zara

Inseam: 5 inches  //  Lining: Yes

Onia Charles Trunk

Charles trunk,
$95 by Onia

Inseam: 5 inches  //  Lining: Yes

UO Squiggle Trunk

Squiggle trunk,
$45 by UO

Inseam: 3 inches  //  Lining: No

Abercrombie & Fitch Floral Swim Trunk

Floral swim trunk,
$60 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Inseam: 5 inches  //  Lining: Yes

J.Crew Classic Print Trunk

Classic print trunk,
$89.50 / $54.50 by J.Crew

Inseam: 6 inches  //  Lining: Yes

Bather Checkerboard Trunk

Checkerboard trunk,
$100 by Bather

Inseam: 5.5 inches  //  Lining: Yes


The Modern
Board Short

If you don't want a “flashy” suit drawing attention to you (or your body), then a pair of board shorts are ideal. The waistbands are less restricting, meaning they won't pinch soft stomachs. And the more modern styles offer a tailored cut that looks good while offering real ease of movement. That's why real surfers still swear by these shorts.

Zara Stripe Print Trunk
Howler Brothers Deep Set Board Short

Deep set board short,
$59 by Howler Brothers

Inseam: 7 inches  //  Lining: No

Rhythm Stripe Board Short

Stripe board short,
$66 by Rhythm

Inseam: 6.5 inches  //  Lining: No

Banks Journal Wilder Short

Wilder short,
$70 by Banks Journal

Inseam: 6 inches  //  Lining: No

Saturdays NYC Ennis Board Short

Ennis board short,
$135 by Saturdays NYC

Inseam: 5.5 inches  //  Lining: No

Birdwell Skeleton Bay Board Short

Skeleton Bay board short,
$85 by Birdwell

Inseam: 5.75 inches  //  Lining: No

Rhone Point Break Board Short

Point Break board short,
$98 by Rhone

Inseam: 7 inches  //  Lining: Yes


The Hybrid
Adventure Short

If you don't plan on lounging near the water all summer, you might not need a dedicated pair of swim shorts. Instead, you might want a pair of these, which offer a comfortable, above-the-knee fit along with plenty of pockets. They're cut from sturdy fabric that performs well in the water, but dries quickly when out of it, allowing you to wear them with impunity even if you're miles from any coast.

Zara Stripe Print Trunk
Olivers Channel Short

Channel short,
$108 by Olivers

Inseam: 6 inches  //  Lining: No

Patagonia Baggies

$65 by Patagonia

Inseam: 5 inches  //  Lining: Yes

Filson Dry Falls Short

Dry Falls short,
$85 by Filson

Inseam: 7 inches  //  Lining: No

Katin Nylon Trail Short

Nylon trail short,
$68 by Katin

Inseam: 6 inches  //  Lining: No

Outerknown Volley Short

Volley short,
$98 by Outerknown

Inseam: 7 inches  //  Lining: Yes

Billabong Layback Short

Layback short,
$39.99 by Billabong

Inseam: 6.75 inches  //  Lining: No

A Word on Fit

How a men's swimsuit should fit

According to celebrity stylist Ashley Weston, you want to be able to pinch between a 1/2” to 1” or so on either side of your thigh. “You can go up a little bit if you must, but any more and you’re right on the edge of looking a little bit baggy and sloppy,” she says. “The waist should fit perfectly around without too much sagging or tightness.”

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