Crochet Polos


Crochet Polos

A price and style comparison

Abercrombie & Fitch crochet sweater polo

Crochet is definitely hot right now, and watching people crochet is one of TikTok's trendiest (and calming) categories, it seems. You might've seen that we recently spoke with Calvin Lee, who's making some sought-after crochet cardigans and beanies. But just in case this is all new to you, let's just say this is not your grandma's crochet style—this is lot more laidback and sexy. Which is why that open, breezy weave is actually perfect for this time of year. And that's why you're about to see it worn everywhere from summer weddings to poolside barbecues.

One of the best (and simplest) ways to wear the crocheted look is in the familiar polo shirt. They come in a range of colors and even eye-catching patterns, but we love them in an understated ivory shade. Unlike the chunkier blankets, these crocheted polos have smaller holes and create an airy, relaxed silhouette that feels great underneath a blazer or paired with swim shorts by the water. For such a specific look, they're actually super versatile—wear it fitted to show off the summer physique or slightly relaxed and unbuttoned over a tank. Of course, for a trendy piece like this you've got a choice: Do you invest in a quality, luxury version or keep it more affordable to test the waters? That decision is entirely up to you, but we'll compare a couple of styles to help you decide.



The Sweater Polo

• Full button-down placket with minor camp collar detailing

• Not 100% cotton, but made of a slightly silky cotton-viscose blend

• The thinnest material and most relaxed silhouette out of the three

• At less than $100, it can be purchased in multiple colors

Crochet sweater polo,
$80 by Abercrombie & Fitch


The Jacquard Polo

• Made in Portugal from 100% cotton jacquard knit

• No button placket, just an open collar

• Will have more structure and be less flimsy compared to the Abercrombie & Fitch one because of the knitting technique

• This one can't be worn open

Yuma crochet polo,
$195 by Knickerbocker


The Oversized Polo

• Entirely crocheted from soft cotton yarn, even the collar

• Fits oversized, but will lay nicely against your skin

• Pattern on the pocket, gives the polo more texture compared to the other two options

• Slightly ribbed finish on the sleeves and hemline for a more flattering look

Ryan crochet polo,
$295 by NN07

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