Canvas Sneakers


Canvas Sneakers

A price and style comparison

Catchball original plus canvas sneaker

In case no one told you, it’s time to dust off your favorite canvas sneakers. Or maybe you need a fresh pair for the season. Options these days are endless, but I personally love them in simple colors like white, deep navy or black. They're one of the few pairs of shoes that legitimately look great with anything—and they tend to look even better with a few scuff marks. But what makes for a standout pair? There's a lot, but it really comes down to one word: Vulcanization.

You may be asking, “what the hell is vulcanization?” It's a process for hardening rubbers. Think of it like tires. You want something that's going to be durable enough to carry you for 65,000 plus miles. The same goes with canvas sneakers. The vulcanization process is imperative for giving the outsole more strength and elasticity, so you can comfortably wear the hell out of them for as long as possible.

The simple kicks are still the easiest way to dress down a suit—be it for work or a warm weather wedding. Just make sure the break in your pants isn't too aggressive. And, of course, they look great with jeans or some rugged herringbone field pants. Then, come shorts season, you'll only take them off to swap in some slides or loafers. As for which pairs to pull the trigger on right now, we selected three similar styles that aren't the standard issue canvas shoes you see all the time. What's more, they're available in a range of prices. How much you want to spend is entirely up to you, but as you see, these will always be in style.



The Budget-Friendly Option

• Lighter weight than the other styles

• The canvas upper sits on a vulcanized rubber sole, complete with marks from the vulcanization process

• A rubber toecap adds some extra durability

• The squishy insole is made of recycled rubber and can be removed to give your other shoes some additional comfort

Star Master sneaker,
$65 / $39 by Novesta


The Vegan Option

• This is the brand's best-selling shoe, in rotation since 1964

• An all-vegan shoe that is ethically made

• Made from a high-quality cotton poplin twill, so they'll last longer than the Novesta pair

• A plush memory foam footbed with airflow channels that will help keep your feet cool and comfortable

Legend sneaker,
$78 by SeaVees


The Gum-Soled Option

• Cut from a sturdy 6 oz. canvas with contrasting white stitching

• The brand manufacturers their soles in one of Korea's last remaining vulcanized-rubber factories

• An OrthoLite insole delivers discreet modern performance and comfort

• The bottom of the shoe has a gum-bottom sole which offers a bit more traction as well

Original plus
canvas sneaker,
$110 by Catchball

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