Zip Cardigans


Zip Cardigans

You need one of these throwback sweaters now

Ghiaia Cashmere zip-up cardigan

Few pieces make transitional weather easier than a cardigan. V-neck and shawl collar are the most notable, but I'm here to make a case for the zip-up cardigan sweater. As the harshest days of winter are slowly dwindling, a zip cardigan is the most underrated of the three styles. It's easier to layer underneath a topcoat or denim jacket, plus it's the more practical option during spring since it's lighter, sportier and more breathable. Is there a slight '90s normcore vibe? Perhaps. Is that a bad thing? Not at all.

Look around and you'll notice stylish guys everywhere zipping up the knit and embracing the sweater's practical utility and flattering silhouette. The unsung hero of the garment is the zipper, of course—usually more durable than buttons and the brands that go the extra mile to feature a double zipper allow you to style this knitwear giant in a myriad of ways. But who makes the best ones? It all depends on what you're looking for and how much you're aiming to spend. We've selected three similar styles that are equally chic, yet available in a range of prices. How much you want to spend is entirely up to you, but these will always be in style and keep you warm.



The Organic
Cotton Option

• Made of 100% organic cotton. Soft, but not as luxe as wool

• A thick, machine washable waffle-knit stitch adds weight and texture

• Includes side pockets, so this could be worn as a main layer during the cooler evenings come spring

• Although this is the most affordable of the three, it's probably the warmest

Organic cotton zip-up cardigan,
$89 by L.L. Bean


The Merino
Wool Option

• Made of 100% traceable extra-fine merino wool in a two-ply, 12 gauge knit

• Due to the extra-fine wool, the sweater is hand wash only

• The shoulder seam is reinforced for a contemporary look. This is on the slimmer side, so size up for a looser fit.

• The dressiest of the three, with understated folded cuff hems and double-folded bottom hem

Merino zip-up cardigan,
$230 by ASKET


The Cashmere Option

• 100% cashmere sweater, knitted in Italy with the fit and feel of the perfect sweatshirt

• Lightweight and breathable, yet naturally warm and insulating

• The two-way zippers have a heft to them since they're made of brushed nickel

• Due to the cashmere, the sweater is hand wash only

Cashmere zip-up cardigan,
$795 by Ghiaia Cashmere

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