Cargo Pants


Cargo Pants

A price and style comparison

J.Crew relaxed-fit cargo pant

Cargo pants have hit the menswear mainstream once again. Of course, for some of us, they never left our closets, but let's welcome the others. Workwear has been heavy the last few seasons and has settled down a bit, but a good pair of cargos have hit mall brands now, and they have vintage and military surplus stores to thank. The comfort and utility the pants offer allow me to give my denim a break, and I style them the same as I would chinos—a denim shirt, maybe a grey hoodie, and I'll even cinch at the ankle with a pair of sneakers.

While there have been many iterations with updated silhouettes, sticking to a straight or relaxed fit with your cargo pants will give you the most authentic feel, not to mention make them look even more “of the moment.” Also, look for a pant with a high rise, hefty fabric and spacious pockets. Fabrics like herringbone, ripstop and a heavy twill are perfect to wear for pretty much all seasons. We've selected three similar styles that are equally rugged, yet available in a range of prices. How much you want to spend is entirely up to you, but as you see, these will always be in style.



The Paratrooper Pair

• Budget-friendly, so you're able to stock up in multiple colors

• There are eight spacious pockets, but that does add some bulk to the leg

• Adjustable waist tabs and drawstrings at the ankle ensure the perfect fit

• Made from a washed cotton/poly twill with the seat and knees reinforced for wear and tear

Vintage paratrooper fatigue cargo pant,
$67.99 / $53.99 by Rothco


The Refined Pair

• There are only six pockets on these and no drawstrings at the ankle

• They're more of a straight-fit with a slightly wider leg, so they'll look more refined than the others

• Made from a smooth cotton (in two colorways) that will feel like your favorite pair of chinos

• The pockets hide the buttons for a more understated feel

Relaxed-fit cargo pant,
$128 / $76.80 (w/code SPRING) by J.Crew


The Vintage-Inspired Pair

• Made from a hardy 7.8 oz. cotton herringbone fabric with solid metal buttons

• Garment-dyed and sanforized to minimize shrinkage

• These are button-fly (the other two have zippers)

• Based on an authentic military design with higher hip pockets and a huge back cargo pocket for additional storage

Herringbone field cargo pant,
$295 by RRL

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